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Some more market learning

                                      Some market observations…not all original… Time is more valuable in equity markets than money the longer you stay the greater the chance of winning in equity markets costs, fees, taxes do matter if you can save […]

Problems of a Value Investor

It is not price, but what value you are getting for that price that a Value Investor looks for. What is needed to be a Value Investor? Tremendous discipline and tremendous patience to sit on cash for long periods of time. Every day that you do not buy the market mocks you. You look like […]

Risk free equities…

Subra is it all right to park some money in an index fund for a few months – say 18 months asks a reader? Tough ask, but a fair question I thought. The Sensex has been behaving very well even over short term periods of say 15 months and like Riddham Desai said at the […]

We need the bad years in Equity

If you take the returns in the equity markets from March, 2004, (financial year) the returns have been 83, 16, 73. 17, 18, -38, 80, 10, -10, 7, 18, 24, -11, 20 and if the index closes at 33000 this year will also be 11%. Is this good news? I am not sure. If you […]

Stock market crash: Let’s prepare for it…

Last week I met an investor who was sure that the American markets and the Indian markets will crash in the next fortnight. Why such a ‘precise’ date? Well 16 Oct, 1987 – has its 30th anniversary! It is really difficult to carry on a very long conversation with people solely based on ‘gut’. This […]

Naren Sankaran: Larissa’s take on his style

Naren Sankaran is a good contrarian fund manager. Maybe great. Frankly I would love to have SN as my portfolio manager than as my MF manager. There are too many restrictions on Mutual funds and fund managers are still constrained by all that. Having said that I know that some shares that SN would like […]

Are you really a long term investor?

So many people claim to be a LONG TERM INVESTOR. The sexiest thing to be in the investment market! Are they really long term investors? Why does their ability to hold on shrivel at the first sign of market coming down? Why do they start thinking in terms of a ‘couple of weeks’ as long […]