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Life of an equity analyst

I can assure you life as an equity analyst is not easy. It was not easy in the 1980s when I was starting life and it is not easy now. The kind of expectation that we put on an analyst to give a call is not funny. I am talking of both the sell side […]

What to look for in a company…

Many a times I have been asked what to look for in a company before you decide to buy a share. Let me tell you what I was asked to do by an FII running an International Blue chip fund. Their definition of blue chip did change from market to market and the markets that […]

Investment Experience learning…

Some of my learning from investing: If your family is not risk oriented / risk understanding it is difficult for you to invest / trade in equities. Investing maybe a part time activity, but equity trading is a full time activity. If you cannot make equity trading your full time activity, DO NOT make it […]

Value Investing is not so easy

When people get fancy degrees in investing, they get trapped in jargon. Luckily for me I got into investing before I had any degree. Let us look at some of the jargon. Value Investing vs Growth Investing: All investing is value investing. You put Rs. 100 today hoping to earn more than Rs. 100 over […]

Fundamental Analysis or Technical Analysis? What works?

What is the PE ratio? Ask a Fundamental Analysts and he goes gaga over PE and how it is the best way to decide whether to buy or sell. Great. However when a FA comes on Television he also uses words like “but the share has been heavily oversold”. The anchor in all earnestness goes […]

Equity is a long term vehicle

Many people (sadly including CIOs of mutual funds and life insurance companies) think that 2-3 year schemes in equity makes sense. Hence a rash of close ended mutual fund schemes, and almost none doing well – except by a timing accident. A few days ago I profiled a few of my HNI readers – very […]

I like the equity market…..

The title sounds like a disclaimer…and so be it. When I said I like the equity markets I meant NOW. In June of 2015, frankly I am liking the index, and the valuations at which some of the blue chips are available. After a mid cap rally, the biggies may just play catch up? Or […]