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Housing Lies that you have heard

Have you heard these housing lies? • A home is a good investment • Inflation makes the EMI very cheap • RE prices NEVER go down – it always keeps going up • You can always rent it out if and when you want to move • Paying rent is throwing away money – with […]

What lies do Investors believe?

this is not a post…just trying to gather what kind of lies do Investors believe? a) lies that they tell themselves: a) i will live by a budget from tomorrow b) i will start a sip from next month…..etc.   b) lies that your RM told you: a) this ulip will give 18% return b) […]

Lies and Myths about term insurance

The Term Insurance is the ONLY sensible product that a life insurance company makes. However, the premiums are very low and hence NOBODY in the chain likes to sell this. So the manufacturer does not give any incentive to the sales person and the sales person is OBVIOUSLY not keen to sell it to you. […]

Continuing the BFSI lies….

Now that a slew of new life insurance companies are planning an IPO I am being asked to write on the following topics (for a fee of course): How ULIPs are now better than mutual funds How life insurance commissions are lower than mutual funds How ULIPs can be cheaper than mutual funds How the […]

Lies that we made you believe..and love you to believe it…

Some of the myths..that we told you and ..well…lets see what they are: Your interest and your broker’s interests are aligned: Sorry. This used to be true when we were a few individuals who knew the customers, spoke to them, planned for them etc. Today your broker employs ‘relationship managers’ who have revenue targets, and […]

Investment Lies told to you…..and you still believe…

Head held high, eyes on the stars, nose to the grind, ear to the ground, money where the mouth is, tongue tied, chest out, feet on the ground, have you tried doing all this simultaneously? Really tough…stop listening to the experts! It is a whole long list of lies that I can enumerate (some American, […]

Stop saying lies!

How do you know whether a financial salesman is lying to you? Ask them for their own portfolio !! I find the following situations odd…when professionals say something and do something else….! Here are a few examples known to me: A trainer in a life insurance company who trained sales people for selling ULIPS – […]