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Pursuit of Happiness

This one is completely original. It means it comes from my own observation, talks, reading etc. Writing books on retirement, or goal based investing is easy. The challenge is to see what really makes people happy. Even more important is that just in case people KNOW what it takes to be happy do they go […]

Best thing for investors

In 1993/4 when mutual funds were being launched in India, I admit that I did not understand the ‘trail commission’ at all. I saw the charges in the USA and wondered how would a unit holder ever make money. The SALES LOAD – the one time charge for investing (believe me even for reinvesting dividends) […]

Your Happiness depends upon YOU

Doing financial planning as a lecture is very useful. I force people to get their own perspective to planning. My sessions are more questions. The participants have to find the answers. Except for things like – write down all your investments, make a will,….etc. there is no force or is just probe. Clearly most […]

Can you really afford your wife?

Assuming you have a wife who ….does the cooking, cleaning, banking, looking after your parents, your kids, etc. She chases the carpenter, plumber, security guy, pays the bills (online, fine), does the PR, calls your friends on their birthdays and anniversaries, …. She reads up on investments, pays the premia, pushes you for your annual […]

My house is too small….

How often do you hear this crib? Or your wife tell you “We must get a house with at least one more room” from your wife? What really happened? when you bought this house, it did not feel small did it? You moved from a 2 bhk with 6 members to a 2 bhk with […]

How to reduce clutter?

I am sure all of us want to reduce the clutter in our lives, but do not have the heart to do it, right? So let us start….at the very beginning. 1. Your possessions: Start with your clothes – count – you need 5 or 7 pants, throw out the balance. You need 12-15 shirts, […]

What a 60% return in one year does to your life?

A couple of days ago I did a post saying ‘markets are up buy 40%’ – to which a couple of friends called up and said “Hey thanks to you my portfolio went up by 55%’. Thanks guys. The minute you told me that I was reminded of the donkey story. This is not […]