Assuming you have a wife who ….does the cooking, cleaning, banking, looking after your parents, your kids, etc.

She chases the carpenter, plumber, security guy, pays the bills (online, fine), does the PR, calls your friends on their birthdays and anniversaries, ….

She reads up on investments, pays the premia, pushes you for your annual check up,….acts as a nurse/doctor..when needed.

SOME EVEN WORK outside the home and bring money to the house kitty.

Mostly all this without too much of COMMITTED effort from you….what price would you put to all these services?

About Rs. 5-6 L a year?

So if you earn say Rs. 8L a year..or worse say 5L a year, can you afford your wife?

Sure she is not doing all this for money….but do we respect the housewife? the full time housewife I mean…read this article

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  1. IT act should make provisions for notional income of housewife and the deductions from the same from husband’s!

  2. your point is i think not to take one’s wife or any housewife granted

    shocked to see people commenting about money
    god save this country

  3. I didn’t know ‘marriage’ was equal to ‘purchase’ or ‘ownership’! Ladies please express your outrage at the author (of the article in the link, not subra!). No wonder husbands used to ask for huge ‘cashback’s earlier, which is now illegal.

  4. That Guy is really lucky to have such a wife .. all that I can tell him , love her , respect her , take good care of her. She is the most precious of things/people that you have in your life

  5. Why make such assumption, when its valid in less than 1% of the cases. Please post on realistic assumptions instead.

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