Doing financial planning as a lecture is very useful. I force people to get their own perspective to planning. My sessions are more questions. The participants have to find the answers. Except for things like – write down all your investments, make a will,….etc. there is no force or is just probe. Clearly most of us want to be happy…and how do you do that? Simply by realising that:

  1. Happiness is a state of mind: Look at the urchin kid playing on the road, is that kid not happy?
  2. Happiness is a function of what thoughts you play in your mind
  3. Happiness is when you see people you love: see how you play ONLY positive thoughts about them – ALWAYS
  4. Happiness is when you smartly stay ONLY with people you love, and are excited thinking about them
  5. Happiness is when you choose only positive thoughts
  6. Happiness is when you finish all important work
  7. Happiness is when you keep only things and thoughts that you need
  8. Happiness is accepting everything – as what was, what is, and what is going to happen
  9. Happiness is accepting people as they are
  10. Happiness is accepting YOURSELF as you are
  11. Happiness is the process, it is the attitude and it is the destination
  12. Happiness is about gratitude, grace, love, acceptance, and thoughts of course
  13. Happiness is about enjoying every moment
  14. Happiness is about being useful to others with a SERVICE attitude
  15. Happiness is living on less, if you love that.

Happiness is nothing to do with wealth, relationships, achievements,… is just an attitude.

Go be Happy.


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  1. Being Happy the the most difficult thing in the world to master. At least for me it is….Since at least a decade I am in search for that eternal bliss but could not find that yet.

  2. Sustainable Development Solutions Network, part of United Nations publishes a survey of global happiness (Search for World Happiness Report) since 2012. Unfortunately India is ranked at 117 of 158 much below neighbours Pakistan and Bangladesh.
    Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway are ranked at the top while Sub Saharan African Nations, Afghanistan and Syria are at the bottom.

    GDP per capita, healthy years of life expectancy, social support, trust, perceived freedom to make life decisions, and generosity are key factors influencing Happiness.

    Subra Sir, Happiness definitely has correlation with Wealth as per the United Nations definition of happiness

  3. sir

    bhutan is the top 10 happiest country in the world for very long time as far as i can remember.. it is not related to money at all.

    any study that tells pakistan as more happier than india and japan, china and india as less happy than west must be wrong

  4. subra sir,

    number of parasitic blog traffic hitchhikers has correlation with host blog popularity as per hitchhiker’s guide to blogoshphere

  5. but why should people put the link to their websites if they are not looking for hits? that beats me. I do not care a damn, but that is exactly what people are asking…right?

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