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Good food habits in kids

This┬ápost is a HUGE departure from the normal Subramoney posts. For starters it is not a post by me. It is not a post about money. It is a post by C K Aparna -some of you may know her from fb /other sources…She has a little kid who stays away from sugar. Actually when […]

Investing and Meditation…

Internationally as well as Nationally it is now well known that meditation is playing an important role in fund management. Either it is a confirmatory bias – I know more people in the BFSI space so more stories are reaching me, or that meditation itself is getting very popular. Whatever it is, meditation seems to […]

You do not OWN a cycle !!????

  I have spent half a century on the planet so have a lot of friends, classmates, cousins, friends who have spent similar amounts of time on planet earth. I have a lot of friends who are runners, and cyclists too. A few days ago one young friend was cribbing about the price of petrol. […]

Kindness, Graciousness, Truthfulness, Honesty,…

Last week there was a form to be filled..and I was asked to think of two names for each of these qualities. When it came to honesty there was a catch – it had to be a person below the age of 50. I just could not go beyond ONE. It had to be a […]

Want to be happy?

This is not a financial post, just a happiness post. If you assume happiness has a lot of financial implications, you are right. If you are happy, you will be rich. Read it again. If you are happy, YOU will be rich – the reverse is not true always!! So to be happy you need […]

Ego or Self worth?

To be successful you need to have tremendous Self Image. Now the line between self image, self worth and ego is not easy to draw. So one has to keep learning…. When a kid joins corporate India – he/she could get mauled by a boss with a huge ego. The kid has to know when […]


The way we have complicated our lives is really awesome! (ha ha Gen Y word for everything!). We had simple running shoes. Now we have gel shoes, air packets, sole less shoes,… there is such a huge range you will not believe it. Food, finance, life, entertainment – you name it and we have it […]