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Ego or Self worth?

To be successful you need to have tremendous Self Image. Now the line between self image, self worth and ego is not easy to draw. So one has to keep learning…. When a kid joins corporate India – he/she could get mauled by a boss with a huge ego. The kid has to know when […]


The way we have complicated our lives is really awesome! (ha ha Gen Y word for everything!). We had simple running shoes. Now we have gel shoes, air packets, sole less shoes,… there is such a huge range you will not believe it. Food, finance, life, entertainment – you name it and we have it […]

What should my lifestyle depend on?

A very good question which some of the more articulate kids ask me. A fair question too. Your father is a very successful professional, your mother is in a senior position with an MNC. Your wife’s parents have a business background and are very successful in a well established business. Should you save 50% of […]

Debts and bills that we pay..part 2

We saw what kind of bills and debts we pay…in the part 1. So first is we need to acknowledge it as a debt Second there has to be a cost of not paying the debt. Which means we pay a debt (which we acknowledge as a debt – especially if we have a choice). […]

Simplify your lifestyle

Either I am beginning to attract what I like, or the world is also seeking a simpler lifestyle. Not sure which is true does not matter….but yes many people are trying to live a simpler life. One of the important things that the ‘economy’ wants you to do is spend. So time pass for most […]

Debts and Bills that we pay…and that we do not

If we have a debt (or a bill) we normally pay it on time, right? Hey no. Not always do we like to pay our debt or bills. We pay our bills only on the following conditions: 1. We acknowledge it as a debt: I borrow money from friend A and lend to the business […]

Regrets of the dying

When a person is dying..what do you think are likely to be his/ her major regrets? Do you think there could be a pattern? Has any research been done on that? What are YOUR regrets…I mean if your death was to happen NOW, what would be your biggest regret? or regrets? Based on an article […]