Came back from a Half Marathon of 2015. Called the scmm or the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, 2015.

Last year I did it in 2:14:00 and this year I did it in 2:09:23. On paper this looks good because taking off minutes is not very easy at this level and age. Remember, I age one year every year 🙂

In October I did a run in Pune called the VeteRun…and that I did in 2.05.30 or something like that…

Which meant my expectations from myself had gone up…and I was hoping to take of at least 2-3 minutes if not a full 5 minutes.

What went Right:

My practice runs in June, July, August, and parts of September went well. I ran with a few runners – all better than me. Some marginally, some substantially. We prepared well for a run in Satara..and did well at that event.

The quantum of training during those months leading to the Satara Run was good, as was the quality.

What could have gone better:

Could have practiced more in the months leading to the Scmm – October, November, and December.

However due to some travel – and one aborted group activity – the quantum of training went down. The group activity that we kept up very well dropped.

Without any logic (that I understand) I shifted to a careless diet – including sugar. Not sure of the impact, but surely feel bloated.

I must have put on weight – have not even measured it – having skipped the gym for the whole of December and 20 days of Jan.

Corrective action:

Get serious about my weight: revive my account…and track the food that I eat…

Get more training runs sensibly

Improve fitness


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  1. there were many people MUCH older than me who ran faster than me…so Mira D if I compare, I will be sad. Santhushti che…vaando nai…maaja ni life…

  2. I started running from december. From not being able to run 5 min when i started i have managed to run 4k non stop. Aiming for a HM in December. Never been physically active in the last 10 yrs. Will comment on your SCMM 2016 update if i managed to achieve it.

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