This is just a continuation from yesterdays post….so i will number it from 7

7. Finance is very simple, however simplicity is out of fashion these days. I heard that like common sense, responsibility, etc. Simplicity was also cremated, and so people require very complex sounding solutions.

8. The IFA who tries to give simple solutions is hated, and the Investor looks for a guy who will give many tablets, colored syrups, tests, etc. So he too after trying for sometime gives up the effort.

9. It is easy to get market returns MINUS fees. However trying to beat the broader market is a very difficult task, but hey it is doable.

10. You need intelligent and brilliant FUND MANAGERS, but you need mediocre UNBIASED CLEAR THINKING Portfolio Managers.

11. Self interest I thought was the most powerful force for a man to look after his money. I was wrong. Laziness overpowers that.

12. Unsustainable businesses can last years, even decades, and even a century if it is owned by the Central Government.

13. Specialization in any field leads to humility. The more you know, the more you realize how much less you know.

14. In any area of interest you wish you had started earlier. In Investing the biggest regret is ‘I wish I had invested earlier, and had started with a bigger amount’.

15. In the long run MACRO threats are irrelevant, but one poor choice of company can ruin you financially. So inflation, technology, interest rates internationally, etc. are NOTHING compared to a CEO swindling the company, or a company being run incompetently, etc.

16. Venture capitalists suffer as much from bias as Mom and Pop investors.

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