Investing and Meditation…

Internationally as well as Nationally it is now well known that meditation is playing an important role in fund management. Either it is a confirmatory bias – I know more people in the BFSI space so more stories are reaching me, or that meditation itself is getting very popular. Whatever it is, meditation seems to […]

launching a Guaranteed Equity Bond…

So at last I am entering the business of Fund Management…… and here is my New Product launch: It is a 4% Guaranteed Equity Bond – and will be launched on 1st April 2014. Fund Managers: H S Mehta and K M Parekh Disclaimer: any resemblance to anybody from the past market scams is purely […]

Need holistic advisors please

When you go to a doctor you get a feeling that you have gone to a person who is completely ‘loyal’ to one school of thought. So you have a allopathy slave, a homeopathy slave, a unani slave…… NO DOCTOR has the patient’s good at heart? Not sure if it is too sweeping, but why […]

A new equity investor?

So you are 22 years of age and wish to invest in equities, right? Welcome to the very many people who wish to invest in equities, but do not know where to start. First things first. If you are doing a career in medicine, or are a lawyer or any other professional, chances are you […]

Invest like Warren Buffett

How many people have told you this: “Invest like Warren Buffett”. Excellent piece of advice, now how I wish it were possible. Let us get the facts right, WB is NOT the world’s greatest fund manager. He is not the world’s most charitable person. He is not….there is a whole list of what he is […]

How NPS can be dangerous

Too many people in the media are obsessed about fund management costs. This is not a bad thing – after all this is the ONLY thing to which we retail investors have access, right. Fund managers on the other hand (ok the 3-4 fund managers who I have spoken with and who have over the […]

Media for money gathering…

Many articles in the media sound like PR handouts of the BFSI space, and it makes for amusing reading. Let us take articles saying ‘an income fund or a liquid fund is better than a bank deposit because it is tax efficient….etc. I do agree with that logic, and I do think that income funds […]