Markets are in a bull run?

Let us face it, when the market was at 15000 most media stories were how: a) people had lost lots of money in the equity markets, b) how fixed deposits and PPF had given better returns over 3 years c) why people should be scared of the equity markets. One good thing about the media […]

Risk is NOT volatility

Many people confuse risk with volatility. Volatility is not risk. It is like saying that the sea having waves is risky. If you build a ship and sell it saying ‘this ship will sail well when there are no waves’ – sounds like a joke, right? This is so bad that ‘Risk adjusted return’ is […]

Investment lesson 101…

If you are wondering why I keep repeating some of these things, it is simple. I keep meeting people who make such basic, basic, basic mistakes in investing, that it is painful. I met a person earning Rs. 400,000 a MONTH being asked to take a Rs. 700,000 loan, BECAUSE the interest is tax deductible. […]

Theory vs Practice of Investing…

  When you have lived long enough on the planet, you have one great thing – the ability to look back.  Obviously I can look back on investing and can look back about 33 years – when I started. It is also the same age as the relationship with my friend / philosopher / guide […]

Do expense ratios matter?

Hindu Business Line carried an article by Aarti by the same title. She starts by saying it is blasphemous to even ask this question. I agree that it is the way the media has ‘asked’ people to think. However, I belong to an old school of thought. It is easy to say ‘costs are everything’. […]

How much can you lose in equity? Well just too many people have no rules, limits, …and have no clue on how to invest in equities. These people can, should and do lose their shirt, pants and undergarments…..and deserve it. Completely. Let us say you are a well qualified, sensible, boy or girl and wish to invest in equities. Well if […]

Shift to equities…? which equities?

A few fund managers are visibly making statements like ‘this is a great time to be investing in equities…because equities are low’. Not true. If you do not know which equity share to buy (or which fund manager to back) ….you may end up buying real expensive stocks which are currently booming. If you are […]