Copying is Not Easy!

How many times have people told you “you should invest like Warren Buffett” or ‘You should invest like Peter Lynch’. Let us face it. You are Parag. NOT Warren Buffett or Peter Lynch. So you cannot invest like them. Let me tell you what one promoter told me once. He had controlling stake in a […]

Media advise on Market timing….or how you can lose a lot of money

Myth: Time in the market is more important that timing the market. This says that the longer you stay invested, the more chances of you making money. Again, only partly true. Good investors know that timing is all. While no one can call market peaks or troughs correctly all the time, we all can figure […]

What is cognitive dissonance?

What is cognitive dissonance? Actually the question should be why as an investor / wealth creator should you be aware of this! Cognitive dissonance is our need to justify all our actions – even if we know that it is not worth justifying. It is easier to see examples of what is cognitive dissonance. We […]

My lessons in equity….part 2 Please read the above-mentioned post. As well as the comments, and I will give u an update. Now an update on this post. Mr. R is known to me and I called himĀ  a few days ago. This was because I was taking a trading position in Hindalco – at about Rs. 92. I […]

Inheritance: how do I deal with it?

  Today there are people who live up to the age of 95 as well as those who die at 59. Some of them have very smartly multiplied their money and some live on a hand to mouth basis. Depending on what your parents have done, and what you have done with your own life, […]

Excellent Returns in Real Estate…..

Most people invest in equities, debt, real estate, …..and I guess they invest so that they are able to sell it at a premium later on, right? Well, when people speak to me they say “I bought a house for Rs. 80 Lakhs in just 10 years it is worth Rs. 1.9 crores”. Nothing wrong […]

Brilliant but useless advice:

When appearing on television or when at a party where you do not want to be impolite what is the best advice to give? Let me first define best advice: if you hear it in 2000, 2010 or 2020 it should sound correct the regulator should not find it offensive it should not talk about […]