Brilliant but useless advice:

When appearing on television or when at a party where you do not want to be impolite what is the best advice to give?

Let me first define best advice:

  • if you hear it in 2000, 2010 or 2020 it should sound correct
  • the regulator should not find it offensive
  • it should not talk about any one particular company or sector
  • if it is N S E you should talk Nifty…and if it is BSE …Sensex
  • it should not offend anybody
  • it should not be scandalous

is it easy? Well initially I thought of this as difficult…but here are a few tips on what to say :

  • Equity investments are for the long term
  • Stay invested for long term – when the market turns upward, you will benefit
  • Keep investing in the short run and long run, you will benefit
  • Buy only good shares
  • Do your fundamental research and analysis before you invest
  • Do not invest in a small company unless you are sure about the promoters
  • If you had invested Rs. 10000  in 1980 in Wipro today it would be worth more than Rs. 300 crores
  • Read the prospectus before you invest
  • ……………and many more…………..

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4 Responses to “Brilliant but useless advice:”

  1. In stock markets, it is best to leave the party when you dont want to.

  2. Brilliant and useful post 🙂

  3. sublime humor 🙂

  4. Hi Subra Sir,
    Can history repeat itself in the coming years??
    whats your view?
    Is it still possible to make such a big profit?


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