The EMI trap!

Your daughter earns Rs. 44,612 per month as take home salary. You were initially very happy and proud about this. Then 3 months passed, you got her passbook updated, and noticed that she had a balance of 29, 643. You thought it was about Rs. 100,000 short 🙂 What happened? Well there was a phone, […]

Debt Market class….basics

People end up asking me some very basic debt market questions too…so here is an attempt to help them…if they do not know the basics Continuing the debt class, have you ever wondered what assets can you invest in to meet your debt requirement? Well there are many – and most of them you know […]

some mistakes in equities…

In the recent past I have made some mistakes in equities…here are a few…. 1. Buying EID PARRY at 155, then averaging at 140: I still do think that sugar being decontrolled is a good thing to happen, but this investment is going to take a long time to make money for me. 3 to […]

Real estate, equities or gold?

Where should an investor invest today? Equity markets? Real estate or Gold? – I am assuming that investors look only at these 3 asset classes – I do not know how to invest in horses, oil, other commodities etc. so I will stick to these 3 asset classes… Let us start with Equities. If some […]

Retirement or Children’s Education?

Some questions plaguing parents about money have been the following: 1. Should I delay my saving/ investing for retirement BECAUSE I am saving for my children’s education ? 2. Should I dip into my Retirement kitty to pay for my children’s education ? Sadly in the Indian context education is just a broad word I […]

Retirement : Watch Baghban again

Ps: this article is about 5 years old, and they still are floundering. The names have of course been changed, and the airline hidden, but you can guess. Imagine a couple working in Kingfisher! No clue who is paying their EMIs!! now read on…     I was aghast when Capt. Ajoy Athalye walked into […]

Bad Financial Advice heard from planners…..

We are in the cowboy stage of financial advisers. Let us say something like the 1970s of the stock exchange or the 1940s of the banking industry! Let me list a few: 1. If you do not understand equity markets stay away: Correct advise only if you are so damn rich that you are not […]