Transitting to retirement

What is Retirement? It is a stage when you do not do any WORK to earn money. The other way to look at it is to say ‘your MONEY accumulated is enough to feed you and meet your other needs – from a combination of income and capital gains’. So for a working couple, when […]

Who should pay for higher education?

Who should pay for the higher education of our children? Ideally somebody else. Like a scholarship. My niece is on her way to Harvard – and is being partly funded by a scholarship which is meeting about 50% of her TOTAL COSTS – and completely covers her tution fee. However not everybody gets admission and […]

Retirement : Watch Baghban again

Ps: this article is about 5 years old, and they still are floundering. The names have of course been changed, and the airline hidden, but you can guess. Imagine a couple working in Kingfisher! No clue who is paying their EMIs!! now read on…     I was aghast when Capt. Ajoy Athalye walked into […]

Bad Financial Advice heard from planners…..

We are in the cowboy stage of financial advisers. Let us say something like the 1970s of the stock exchange or the 1940s of the banking industry! Let me list a few: 1. If you do not understand equity markets stay away: Correct advise only if you are so damn rich that you are not […]

Payoff Mortgage or Invest….continued

Let us take a real life case and see what is to be done when you have a lump-sum amount. Should you repay the loan amount or should you Invest that money? The sad part is YOU need to take a decision TODAY and you will be judged (you may be the judge) after 5, […]

More Retirement Myths….

Yes Subra, I agree with you I need X amount for retirement, after all you may end up spending a fortune on medical expenses during retirement ——-Most people tell me this. Wrong. You may or may not spend much on medical expenses (hey I am not saying you do not need medical insurance). I am […]

What is safe leveraging?

Let us get it right, the real rich do not borrow. Never ever for personal expenses, buying assets or personal INVESTING. Borrowing and investing is a very foolish thing to do for most people. Will a Mukesh Ambani or a Kumar Birla take a personal loan to buy shares? Tough to answer this question? No. […]