learning from Ramayana

There are a lot of things to learn form the Ramayana. I have done many posts in the past on such learning, here is one more: Look at Ravana, and see what are his assets: First of all by any standards the man was rich. Translate it to today’s terms – he could be an […]

Professional services: Fees

How much should a professional charge as a fee? This is a question that I have found almost impossible to answer. Let me tell you why. Suppose you have a client who has a slightly complicated family relationships. The client is a 65 year old widow who is rich, and has the following assets: One […]

Predicting is risky, hey that is the fun!

Predicting is risky, especially if it is about the future. – Anon I said Anon because too many people have attributed it to Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, etc. And the truth is, I do not know who said this, but it is an awesome statement. Having said that let me predict certain things that will […]

Costing and Pricing Explained!

Whenever there is a group activity, and there are costs, pricing comes into play. The problem is NOT everybody understands costing. I would daresay that most people do not understand costing at all. Let me give you an example from a Running club. These are the costs incurred for conducting a run: Transport (Rs. 1200), […]

Real estate, equities or gold?

Where should an investor invest today? Equity markets? Real estate or Gold? – I am assuming that investors look only at these 3 asset classes – I do not know how to invest in horses, oil, other commodities etc. so I will stick to these 3 asset classes… Let us start with Equities. If some […]

Why people borrow…..

There is no research in India done on topics like why people borrow, or how people invest…but here is an attempt at guessing…. 1. People borrow to buy assets : buying a car, a motorcycle, a house…..etc. requires sums of money that a person may not have, so borrowing becomes a must. 2. To pay […]

Real estate could be next to crack…but

Gold is under tremendous pressure internationally, so India may also see Rs. 25000 (just speculating, actually no clue) but Swaminathan A Aiyar says so in Economic Times. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/opinion/columnists/swaminathan-s-a-aiyar/gold-to-be-a-lousy-investment-in-the-next-decade/articleshow/19537567.cms I am not commenting on the price of gold at all. I do not think that to be a good investor you need to be playing the […]