There are a lot of things to learn form the Ramayana. I have done many posts in the past on such learning, here is one more:

Look at Ravana, and see what are his assets:

First of all by any standards the man was rich. Translate it to today’s terms – he could be an industrialist / investor businessman of international standards. So let us look at his assets:

A Golden Kingdom – ‘Sone’ ki Lanka.

A beautiful, lovely and devout wife.

Very strong brothers – Kumbhakarna and others

Very learned and educated brother – Vibheeshana

Very powerful and strong sons – lead by Indrajeet

Wealth – the way the treasury is described in the Ramayana, P Chidambaram would be Jealous reading it 🙂

He had EVERYTHING that most men of this Kalyug would die for! There was nothing lacking at all. He had the pushpak vimaan – the plane that could carry as many people as he wished….

What did he lack?

Ego control.

He had no control over his ego. He thought he was invincible. He was sure that he did not need any advice. ‘I have made up my mind, do not confuse me with facts’ – kinda attitude.

We do find such people, do we not?

If you cannot understand what to do, or you are not willing to listen to what people who LOVE you and are COMPETENT to advise you are telling you, your dooms day is well, pre-determined. You have done it. Congrats.


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  1. Sir, He took down a great nation with him and his ego. God only knows when it can regain its glory it deserve.

  2. One couplets from Ramanayana :
    ” Sachiv ( Secretary) Vaidya (Doctor) Guru ( teacher) teen jau (these three), priya bolein(sweet talks) bhay aas ( due to fear),
    Raj ( kingdom) Dharama ( religion) Tan (body) teen kar (these three)
    hoin ( happen) begein (sppedly) Naas(destroy)

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