Running and Investing

Is there any similarity between running and investing…well a few for sure. Investing is normally for a long term – as is running. The shorter form is called trading and among runners it is called sprinting. So when a runner says he is a short distance runner – it means he runs 100m (sprint) to […]

Peter Lynch’s teachings….will it work for you?

Peter Lynch managed money for a very short term, but did such a great job that he became very famous. He is also a very good writer – which means he has books which have sold more than a million copies. Awesome indeed. Some of the things that he said are really worth remembering, but […]

Real estate could be next to crack…but

Gold is under tremendous pressure internationally, so India may also see Rs. 25000 (just speculating, actually no clue) but Swaminathan A Aiyar says so in Economic Times. I am not commenting on the price of gold at all. I do not think that to be a good investor you need to be playing the […]

Basics of Personal Finance…

Subra I heard you are the best person in Cynical Personal Finance training…so I chose to meet you…Let me ask you a few questions Sir: Subra will you please tell me what is Value Investing? Subra: Well, well. “Value investing is the art of picking up shares at a low price, knowing it has value, […]

Some hard and lovely investing lessons

  This is a result of being in the 4th decade of my investing life. Not all the lessons were personally learnt – some where learnt from the reading, teaching, talking, dreaming, writing, commenting about investing. So if you see some points from other authors, writers, commentators do not feel outraged. We both may have […]

Financial tips for youngsters

Ok if you are reading this, it means you are young! Not sure how young, but let me assume that you are really young. It means you are still wondering who will pay for your higher education. You have just graduated and are wondering whether your parents can / should pay for your higher education. […]

Cost of postponement of financial planning…..

THIS IS AN ARTICLE ….. –    By Gaurav Rajput, Director Marketing, Aviva Life Insurance Warren Buffet famously shared, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”  Indeed, what he said is true. In order to enjoy the benefits of a rich future, it is essential to start investing […]