Do I need a financial Planner?

this article will help you decide do you need a financial planner..

Bankers not treating you well? complain please….

If you are a Senior Citizen, everybody wants a piece of your money, so life is not easy. Having said that even if you are not a SC there are a lot of people who want all your money, what do you do? First of all, we all need a bank account, so it is […]

How much money do you need to Retire?

In every financial planning class I need to do a post lunch session. To keep them awake I ask them to do a simple exercise – calculating how much money they require for retirement. Unless they are at least 37-38 years of age, they have no clue as to how much they need for retirement. […]

You must invest at least 10% of your salary!

a variant of this appeared in DATE OF ORIGINAL ARTICLE: 2007….NOW we are in 2013….please adjust all dates accordingly… Normally people invest to get returns. No doubt, everyone invests for returns. That magic figure governs the fate of all investment products. The logic in people’s minds is simple: The better the returns, the more […]

Financial Goal setting is step one in financial planning

Goal Setting is deciding the end-point of your planning exercise – determining where you want to go. The more tangible your goals, the easier it is to plan for their realization. Begin by listing both your short and long term financial goals. Short-term goals are things you want within the next five years – a […]

Financial planner: must he be qualified?

I am an anarchist and do not believe that Rules and Regulations are very important. In fact I do think that lawyers, accountants and even doctors exaggerate their educational processes. Having said that when I meet financial planners who do not understand: Indian Income tax – especially clubbing, scope of what is Income, the difference […]

Need holistic advisors please

When you go to a doctor you get a feeling that you have gone to a person who is completely ‘loyal’ to one school of thought. So you have a allopathy slave, a homeopathy slave, a unani slave…… NO DOCTOR has the patient’s good at heart? Not sure if it is too sweeping, but why […]