Case study in Financial Planning

One financial planner met a client and had the following details: A 38 year old man with a daughter from an earlier marriage (age 11) a son from the present marriage (7 years) a housewife, parents needing support and a mother in law dependent on him. (5 complete dependents, daughter partially dependent  – his ex […]

a brilliant profession….

An excellent profession / business to do now is the financial planning business. Of course some people call it a profession too. Why am I saying this? Simply because we are in the very early stages of the profession. It is like being in the banking business in the 1900s, in the mutual fund business […]

Goal Setting

dr m kishan on January 31st, 2013 at 8:15 am e Subra Sir, Goal setting is very important aspect of any effort financial planning may being one. But I always have one query. Imagine if all of my goals are somewhere about 20 years down the time, do I still have to allot different financial […]

Retirement lifestyle management

Actually I am not sure whether this is a post on retirement or financial education. Or like a friend says all my posts are on financial education…. The financial services industry uses terms like financial planning, life insurance planning, retirement planning…..but the common man has found out that all thes are sales pitches, right? So […]

Cost of postponement of financial planning…..

THIS IS AN ARTICLE ….. –    By Gaurav Rajput, Director Marketing, Aviva Life Insurance Warren Buffet famously shared, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”  Indeed, what he said is true. In order to enjoy the benefits of a rich future, it is essential to start investing […]

Doctors need financial planning too..

Doctors are the toughest to define professionals! You find doctors earning as little as Rs. 200,000 a year to doctors earning Rs. 200,000 a day. It may be some exaggeration, but it is not far away from the truth. However not all doctors are rich, handsome and  managing their moneys well. Also contrary to public […]

My financial planner!

  One person came to me saying ‘This is a financial plan that my planner has done, is it good?’. The plan was elaborate – cash flows for 10 years into the future, what product for each goal, rate of return assumption, – all this was there. It ran into 59 pages and could be […]