When you go to a doctor you get a feeling that you have gone to a person who is completely ‘loyal’ to one school of thought. So you have a allopathy slave, a homeopathy slave, a unani slave……

NO DOCTOR has the patient’s good at heart? Not sure if it is too sweeping, but why does one get such a feeling?

Why can we not have a doctor who is willing to spend time with you and then decide that you need some allopathy as well as some diet changes and yes for the long term some homeopathic treatment?

I may be too ahead of the times. 100 years from now we will have a ‘doctor’ which will be a person who will be able to collect all the wisdom and be able to advise you on your:

a. work load

b. diet

c. exercise

d. long term cures

e. short term immediate cures

f. mental health

g. life style management.

Now cut to the financial service industry. Forget what is available – a huge range of financial services, wisdom, relationship managers, fund managers, financial planners, advisers, lawyers.

People selling mutual funds bad mouth insurance, insurance sales guys making fun of mutual funds. Those selling post office schemes not understanding a word of mutual funds, fixed deposit salesmen not understanding rankings. People running other businesses suddenly worried about YOUR welfare, but peddling financial products. People pretending to be teachers but clearly interested in peddling products. Magazines rating funds, managers, schemes – and then saying ‘past performance is not an indicator for future performance’. Relationship managers continuously peddling high potent drugs to patients who do not know that they are being had…..REGULARLY and REPEATEDLY.

I have met a range of them and felt scared for their clients. People who not long ago were selling credit cards, home loans, life insurance, ….are all now peddling financial planning. The questions that they ask, the ‘wisdom’ that they can mouth, the 30 page reports that their software generates, is stunning to say the least. Not having a financial adviser seems to be a far far efficient and happy situation instead of having a half baked idiot. Popularity by being on the media seems to be fairly easy.

When will we have one REGULATED ย adviser with a fiduciary who will take a fee ONLY from us and be able to advise us on pre nup agreements, making a will, mutual funds, equity brokerage, life insurance, real estate, financial legal matters,…etc. As of now this guy is like SANTA CLAUS…Wears a red dress (thanks to Coke…)


After all you need not invent the mouse trap to make money. You need to make a human trap which is far far more lucrative. And with a billion potential walkers, life is great.

So lets build a trap ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. GBS – A specialist is one who knows more and more about less and less. On another note you are not 100 years early but 500 years late. We did have a ‘balanced’ lifestyle with the village ‘Vaid’ offering a ‘holistic’ overview. Even30 years back the GP was brave enough to say “allopathy’ does not work I will take you to a homoeopath. Not any longer…

  2. Mr Suresh,
    GP was brave enough to say allopathy does not work… Who said allopathy does not work? Maybe the world has moved forward and you are still in 16th century. wake up mate. its time you know the true facts.

  3. Come on Suresh come to the 21st Century. Has not McCaulay told us only allopathy works? You cannot even understand the context?

    ps: need to make the blog interesting.

  4. Just managed to latch on to the last Lancet into the 21st century. Almost missed.thanks Sevan.
    BTW wish some suitably honourable research scientist clear my 16th century cobweb on a matter of principle. If nature designs , say carotene as part of carrot , why does allopathy insist on ‘isolating’ the ‘active’ ingredient and make a capsule out of it? I mean if nature wanted to offer carotene capsules it would design it in that manner…

  5. @ Suresh
    No scientist here. But nature does not design anything. Man designs for his purposes. Did nature design computers or internet. Although you are using them. A lot of other examples there. Same is the case for carotene capsules. It is science + marketing + economics + placebo + showoff, in various proportions.

    @ Subra
    We always have our own choice to make. On one hand, we can think, learn and do those things (diet, exercise, mental + psychological + philosophical health, lifestyle improvement) on our own OR we can just depend on others (doctors, yoga gurus, fitness and diet experts, etc) blindly. We have the choice to do that presently. We had that in the past, and we may have that in future too (not sure about it).
    There is no real need to delegate our own responsibility and choices to someone else, and then think that they should do what is best for us (and not for them).

    “No Doctor has the patient’s good at heart”. But should it be. Should the doctor have harm for himself but good for the patient? A win-win is ok. A lose-win is worse than a win-lose, since overall doctors should be above-average in our population group, and they should do it in a better way.

    Same is the case of the financial instruments.

    Your suggestions appear to be utopic. But, yep, does make an interesting post.

  6. Mr Suresh,
    You think nature designs everything for you? Ah? What do you have for Breakfast or Lunch then? I hope you just dont eat the trees or grass directly coz the nature has designed it that way. Even rice that we eat is designed differently and we need to remove the husk and eat. Well that holds good for majority of us. Just because the nature has designed in some way, it does not mean that is the right way.
    2. You ask any homeopath how his Drug / potion works? He is clueless. Ayurveda / Homeopathy / Unani works on the principles of previous results and not on any Research. (Of course few concepts are but this applies to most of the concepts).
    Mr Subra and Mr Suresh: Each individual has his/her own opinion. Just coz someone has told sonething about Allopathy it does not change the reality.
    If I say that this site is waste of time (which is just the opposite of truth) will it make any difference Mr Subra? – Just to make the blog more interesting!

  7. It is shocking how nobody has the big picture, across industries: personal finance, healthcare, transportation – you name it.

    That would be a huge supply constrained space in the years to come. someone who understands how things are correlated to each other would have a truly valuable skill.

  8. @ Sevan
    I don’t know why you are so angry with Suresh’s comments on nature. So you want nature to produce banana with its skin peeled for us? Nature has its own way of protecting each living beings including vegetables/fruits from external/internal factors. May be nature giving us an opportunity not to become that lazy and do something to remove husk and consume the rice.

    Do you know which is the best food for us. Answer is simple. If the food(raw or cooked) exists (particularly in your region) say 500 years back then it is THE best food for that person. I would say if nature has designed in some way, then it is the right way for the right minded people.

    Allopathy — It is one of the type of medicine. As Subra mentioned the best is to get best out of everything instead of become slavery of particular type.
    If I am suffering from say Appendix with severe pain, I will go for Allopathy operation which to my knowledge is the best option. If my eye short-sight power is keep on increasing, Allopathy is not a best option. Because even the best hospital cannot guarantee me 100% (just ask them in written statement), they say I have 0.1% chance of operation failure. It is my precious eye do you want to take that 0.1% chance? Definitely 100% guaranteed treatments outside of allopathy are available.

  9. @ Mr. Shankar,
    You have joined the discussion in between and maybe you missed the point. It was not my statement that nature designs everything for us in the right way (kindly take the efforts to read previous comments).
    coming to your take on Allopathy: All the negative attitudes for Health care are due to the unrealistic expectation of people to get “100% Guaranteed results”. It is very surprising that these same people dont ask the same “100% Guaranteed results” in any other field. Do you ask the same “100% Guaranteed results” with MF or any other form of investment? Do you ask the same “100% Guaranteed results” when you approach a lawyer to fight a case? Only with healthcare, people want this “100% Guaranteed results”…
    And which other modality of Medicine gives you “100% Guaranteed results” with worsening eye power? just eager to know.
    Also even with Appendicitis Surgery, no Hospital will give “100% Guaranteed results” as risks from Anesthesia, Surgery per se like Infection are always there and the patient has to take the risk as per his/her understanding.

  10. Amazing posts Sevan. The whole purpose of Subra in this post is just to say that one person should be interested in the client and not in the dogma. I think that point you have completely missed. I guess Subra does not edit these comments – like he says just to make it interesting! all the best, my last post on this thread.

  11. @ Pooja R:
    One more person Missing the previous posts and commenting in between…
    My post was not against the article which indeed is excellent (like all Subra’s posts). It was directed against one certain individual which i have referred to in all my posts.

  12. @Sevan,
    Well, only when we have high expectations only then we can atleast get near to it. So what’s wrong in expecting guaranteed results?

    If I want “100% guranteed results” from my lawyer before I demand it from him … I have to make effort to find the best lawyer for my case. I know MF cannot give “100% guarantee” but if that is what I want then I need to have knowledge about MF then I can settle for Large-Cap or debt funds which is atleast near to what I want …

    In financial field we are taking about “Risk Vs return” but in healthcare I would say “risk&Cost Vs Return”. I meant Cost not only money but also it includes our time,dedication,etc ., which I feel too Costly for most of the people hence they are Ok with the Risk.

    For the worsening eye power, I heard that by following certain eye exercise and lifestyle changes for few weeks in an ashram in Pondicherry helps to get back and retain the eyesight. My point is we should have have wide knowledge/options and expect the best for us. Is it wrong?

  13. @ Shankar

    Do check out that Ashram and their technique (which have not been scientifically proven – one eg of scientific proof being statistically significant double blind studies). Even then, do they give you a written 100% guarantee result? Since you had given such an example for leading hospitals.

    Same with homeopathy or naturopathies or most of the alternative medicine methods. Allopathy is a derogatory term initial used by homeopaths. Most of the modern medicine is based on scientific studies and is a dynamic field (with its inherent advantages, disadvantages and other abnormalities as any large system will have).

    Cost-benefit analysis is an inherent part of each decision. You cannot avoid it.

    Heresy does not equal science. eg There is still a Flat Earth Society, so… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. @ Mr. Shankar,
    Even if you find out the best lawyer in town, he/she cannot guarantee you 100% results.
    MF: in this case you are ready to “settle” for something “near” to what you want and not the “guaranteed” thing that you want. But in Healthcare you demand 100% guaranteed results!
    Nothing is guaranteed in life my dear friend. We have to weigh our options against the risks and take that route which we feel will give “optimal” results.
    Coming to your take on a treatment in Pondi for worsening eye power, Mr Ramesh has already commented enough. i would like to add on:
    1. Have you been there already and got benefitted? or atleast you know personally someone who had been there and got the results? Or is it just hearsay?
    2. Have they given guarantee to get 100% results in all individuals irrespective of what the underlying cause for worsening eye power is?
    3. If they are so confident of their results why dont they give publicity or even publish the results?
    Think over it. there are many such “ASHRAMS” claiming wonders and all they do is practice quackery..

  15. Thanks Sevan and Ramesh for your reply. I agree that we have to take optimal path which suits us after understanding it. Also, regarding the ashram treatment, it’s a second hand information for me. But since their treatment does not involve any medicine/surgery I believe it is possible. As I have more confident on the miraculaous human body and nature than any lab medicine alone.

    Science — How can we believe which is something keep on changing also with contradicting theories for the same event? Take some 4000 years back the science said lot of things even proved it and later the same science proved it to be wrong. Hope you agree that when we studied they said our solar system has 9 planets now they are saying 8 planets, isn’t it? Can we tell to our kids that science will NOT say we have 10 planets, in future?

    So how can I believe such a baby like Science? Since the base itself is not matured then how can we believe something which says “proven by Growing Baby, Science”? After sometime if it is proven wrong, scientists beautifully say how or what made them to make wrong calculation in the past.

    My point is to give more importance to something which is not changed for many 1000 years. That is our human body’s self mechanism and nature. Yes, as the name of this article says we need to take holistic approach towards a problem. I think we should not not just follow just because it is labelled as scientifically proven. After all, all the medicine methods are just to help the body to cure itself. If the body rejects it, nothing can be done.

    Marketing — If something is marketed it is business, for profit. As long as it is win-win, we are good. But MOST of the businesses are “win-don’t care”. Not everyone want to market their products/services. How many ads we saw about orphanages and publishing their results? Very very few, but most of them under the circumstances doing a good job isn’t it?
    If you want best, you have to search for it. It’s 100% guaranteed it is somewhere out there ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. @ Mr Shankar,
    “But since their treatment does not involve any medicine/surgery I believe it is possible… So you mean to say anything that does not involve Medicine / Surgery you will totally believe in… This is exactly what the Homeopaths and he Ayurvedic Doctors professed to bring in mass-following… and we find many falling into the trap.
    So you believe that what you read in 7th class text books as the only Science? Coming to your query on planet system, it was professed that there are 9 planets and no one proved it. now since the definition of “planet” has changed so has the numbers.
    “After sometime if it is proven wrong, scientists beautifully say how or what made them to make wrong calculation in the past.” Atleast the scientists owe up their mistakes and let people know.. in contrast to some other areas where they deny wrong-doings…
    “After all, all the medicine methods are just to help the body to cure itself” – says who? although this holds good for majority of things there are many drugs which directly fight the disease. And also surgery done are directed against the disease…
    When I meant publishing their results I meant publishing this “NEW 100% GUARANTEED RESULTS” to treat diminishing eye power so that the population of world at large may be benefited with only eye exercises to do and not spend money. What results have orphanages to publish?
    You did not answer to my query whether the ASHRAM gives “100% GUARANTEED RESULTS” to treat each and every case.
    As I learn from you, you have not benefited yourself nor you know personally any person who has been benefited. Yet you tend to believe such a thing works. On the other hand you do not believe what has been proven by Science. Well that is what is called FIXED IDEOLOGY…

  17. @ Seven,

    Having a bad week in office it seems :), do some pranayam man why r u so angry, let it go go on a holiday….

  18. @ Siddhant

    Mr Sevan is trying to refute the logical fallacies that Mr Shankar has mentioned. And in that, he is not being diplomatic.

    Homeopathy, Unani and all other Natural Medicine (= quackery) are pseudo-sciences without any reasonable or scientifically testifiable hypotheses. Which unfortunately Subra has mentioned (I would assume without any real intention of harm), as a nearly equal way with “allopathy”.
    And by bringing the South based Ashram into the picture, he just propagated the misinformation more. It would have been much better if he had actually investigated the basic principle (or pseudo-science) behind the methods of the ashram (check out Bates method on wikipedia or any other source of information), which has been proved to be wrong in premise as well as wrong in having the clinically efficacious outputs and more wrong in preventing a proper redressal of the problem. Why? Because it is not medicine / surgery. And because he has more Belief in the miraculous Human Body and Nature. LOL.

    Science is dynamic and not based on Facts. At least, no facts are irrefutable. All science is testifiable hypotheses and any theory if proven wrong by proper methods is changed or modified (to something better!). There is nothing 100% guaranteed in Science be it Newton, Einstein or Quantum physics.
    While faith based things are based on Irrefutable Facts. They cannot be checked, cannot be tested and cannot be changed.

    Both these things cannot be combined into a Holistic approach! You either do it this way or that way. You can either eat the cake or have it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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