Bankers not treating you well? complain please….

If you are a Senior Citizen, everybody wants a piece of your money, so life is not easy. Having said that even if you are not a SC there are a lot of people who want all your money, what do you do? First of all, we all need a bank account, so it is […]

East India Company is thriving!

  How many of you know what is the Wimbledon effect? It is a tennis tournament played in England. The crowds come from all parts of the world, but is largely English. The ball boys, girls, commentators etc. are mostly English (well well these days things are changing!), but one thing is certain, the winner […]

5 reasons to invest in Indian equities NOW

Invest in equities? The index is already up 23% on a calendar basis…why should I invest in equities NOW? Right? that is the first question that popped in your mind right now, did it not? Well let us look at the reasons why you should be buying: 1. I have always said this : YOU […]

Terrible losses in Gilt!!

  “Let us get the basics right, Subra, if you want to be safe, you should invest in gilt. Equities, equity mutual funds, etc. are for the rich people who read your blog NOT FOR middle class people like me. I am a bank manager and I have all my money in bank fixed deposits. […]

Interest rate cycle!

When interest rates go up, you know one thing for sure – it will come down also. Now inflation figures are likely to be a little lower (base effect), and there will be pressure on RBI to cut rates. In the informal market (ask the builders!) interest rates are still hovering around the 25%p.a. + […]

Basics of Investing

Immaterial of whether you are in your 20’s or in your 50’s and you are looking at an investment you should know some of the basics of investing, so here it is. By and large at some stage you must have been approached by some investment advisor. He (increasingly she) must have offered you mutual […]

2G Judgement

Two Judges of the Supreme Court have passed the Judgement which has said that there was a 2G scam and have given their reasons. Everybody is happy with the judgement – Prashant Bhushan, Anna Hazare, Raja, NDA, etc. So far so good. Let us see what was (should be?) the government’s role in Infrastructure development? […]