Why Interest rates in India are wrong!

Most of the Governments of the world have been subsidised by the middle class. Let me explain. The biggest borrower in India is the Government of India – about 80% let us say. Now this government along with the RBI can decide the interest rates for most of us. They decide: at what rate PPF […]

The distributor and his fate….

The most maligned person in the financial service space is the distributor. It is he/ she who provides the last link between the financial product manufacturers and the end investor. Let us describe the typical distributor: He earns about Rs. 2-3 lakhs a year (a decent MBA would not EVEN consider looking at such a […]

Cannot happen in India….

The financial services industry is supposedly well regulated. What with Rbi, Sebi, Irda, …the alphabet soup in place, does it help the retail investor. Sorry, is it supposed to help the retail investor? These are the regulators, what happens with the so called ‘shareholders appointed auditor’? Let us take the case of mutual funds. Most […]

Full disclosure to client…

  a hypothetical letter to my hypothetical client. Any similarity to something like this already written by somebody is a sheer accident. Hello Mr. Client, Sebi has vide its circular said I have to tell you all the earnings that I have from your account. I wish they had said that mutual fund houses should […]

Sebi’s gift to the MF industry…

Well Sebi says the fund industry will be able to charge 2.75% p.a. as fund expenses. Since you will bear the service tax, brokerage, etc. assuming that it will cost you about 3% p.a. is a fair call. This is charged on a weekly basis, so you need to take the impact of weekly compounding. […]

A regulator is like Traffic Police

The role of a regulator is more like a traffic policeman rather than like an investigative policeman. The traffic police makes rules: – only persons above 18 should drive – a 2 wheeler rider and his pillion should wear a helmet – signals mean……. – license application, format, test, etc. We have had a regulator […]

Dormant, Deactivated, mutual fund account – not easy to understand please…

  In a country where English is spoken only by the elite, SEBI has done another very unnecessary thing. However, I am not criticising the regulator, just stating the facts. SEBI in its wisdom decided that all mutual fund accounts in which there has been no activity for the past 6 months will be called […]