Satyameva Jayate!

  I liked the 3 farmers who came on Satyameva Jayate and said “for my family I grow vegetables and fruits separately. For commercial farming I use pesticides. Products look good, but have a lot of pesticides. Like the CxO of a life insurance company said: “I cannot be investing in Unit Linked Plans’” I […]

Regulators should use XBRL!

  Today’s Economic Times carries an article about SEBI wanting to create a committee to view/ review the qualifications by the auditor. Sounds good? Let us see what a sister organization MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) is doing. They get the significant Indian companies to file their Annual Returns in XBRL format. In the XBRL […]

Sahara vs Sebi

For all those people who feel that the regulator is not doing a good job, well, see what happens even when they do! Peerless, Sahara, and the likes are great Indian companies. No regulator, or government can ever say that they are doing anything wrong, but nobody is sure also. They can get a license […]

Equity Market: what to do?

Well none of us know what next…but let us look at the crystal ball: – we are at 16,200 on the sensex as I write this post. Do not rule out a 25% jump in about 12 months time – which is more than 3 years yield in the debt market. – we all knew […]

Ulip vs Mutual Funds

I am not writing one more word on should you buy a UL or a MF product. Enough has been written in the world about this, right. I was just trying to see how both the regulators are looking at the products. 1. ULIP sellers can make a policy illustration: It is mandatory that the […]

2G Judgement

Two Judges of the Supreme Court have passed the Judgement which has said that there was a 2G scam and have given their reasons. Everybody is happy with the judgement – Prashant Bhushan, Anna Hazare, Raja, NDA, etc. So far so good. Let us see what was (should be?) the government’s role in Infrastructure development? […]

Misselling in Financial services

A few days back Safalniveshak posted a comment saying his friend’s father was cheated by an agent who had sold him 192 schemes in 192 folios. He called it bad and disgusting. Let us look at the whole process. A mutual fund or a life insurance company gets a LICENSE to do business in their […]