I liked the 3 farmers who came on Satyameva Jayate and said “for my family I grow vegetables and fruits separately. For commercial farming I use pesticides. Products look good, but have a lot of pesticides.

Like the CxO of a life insurance company said: “I cannot be investing in Unit Linked Plans'” I will be continuing my SIPs.

Subra: but sir, we do have a low cost UL product

CXO: Yes yes I know, but I would prefer to continue my SIPs

Subra: fine sir, but I do not understand the logic. Here is a real low cost product….over 5-7 years it will be cheaper to be in a UL product vs a mf product.

CxO: agreed subra, but the ability to attract good fund managers, keep them happy, are all in big doubt. I will stick to my mutual funds, thanks

Subra: thank you sir, good bye. This is really good for me….:-) LOL

farmers were saying somewhat similar, right?

How about Sebi and Irda publishing how much premium/ sip each employee earning above Rs. 15 L (working in mf, bank or insurance) pay?

Will be good fun right?

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  1. Mr. Subra,

    In your previous posts, you wrote “As a rule, I do not watch television, but last week i watched the first 5-7 minutes of Satyameva Jayate..”.

    Another reference to the show on this post means that your rule is broken?

    C’mon, now admit that you like the show and you’ve been secretly watching it.. Promise, I wont tell anyone 😉


  2. Don’t give them ideas! 🙂

    “What other companies in your sector do you invest in and why?” 50 marks essay type question for all insiders.

  3. As a rule I do not watch TV…but let me add I do watch Mastii TV. Satyameva Jayate and Crime Patrol i watch recorded, without ads sent to me by somebody – from Youtube. Which means i can was SJ in about 25 minutes…but i watch it on FF mode. I just heard these 3 farmers..and was stunned at the similarity of answers. Did not watch what the pesticide company said.

    I DO NOT think there are simple solutions – it took my friend 5 years to clean his farm soil off all the pesticide. He now exports to a shop chain in Germany – he thinks it is not worth selling organic products in India.

  4. Curious to know the reasons from your friend, on why he thinks its not worth selling organic products in India.

    I know many are not buying because of the cost and some are not buying because these are not accessible. For e.g. In Pune, we could not find a store that sells organic veggies, organic fruits and organic milk. We were able to find organic grains, pulses, etc, though.

    I do feel that its just a matter of time when these would become quite popular and available.. Like it has become in the US.

  5. i have seen his P&L – for what he gets a rupee in India, he gets a Euro in Germany 🙂 so to say.

    if he could triple his farm size he would rather add France 🙂

    NO SANE person should do agri for the Indian market, esp if you are good at it.

    I have another friend who sells ONLY TO 5* hotels…NOTHING outside, and at a 25% premium – for their salads ONLY, bcoz his veg LOOKS GOOD and he grows esoteric ones – colored Capsicum types….THEY DO NOT BUY FROM HIM for cooking 🙂 LOL. He uses pesticides. LOL

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