Retirement advice….wrong and stale…

Some retirement advice was not bad to give even 20 years ago. People retired at 58 and promptly died at 65. Their PF and gratuity lasted till they did, and then it did not matter. Now chances are you will lose your job at 55, not have a pension, and live till age 90. So […]

10 Most imp things to see in life insurance…Sbi ad…continued…

7. Confirm tenure is appropriate: “The insurance representative offered me an endowment policy for 30 years…and at age 44…I am wondering how will be able to pay the premium after I retire…what should I do Subra?”. GENUINE READER QUERY…My answer is a separate post….will do it soon. Here it is: Appropriate tenure of a risk […]

Debt or Equity where to invest?

Only thing about markets is NOBODY knows what will happen in the future. Some of us sound like a genius by saying the same thing again and again. Some other brave fools go to the roof top and say ‘Market will go up 22% this year’ and the market makes them look like fools. However, […]

PSU management and P/e ratio…..story 2

Most people are generally under the impression that the Government of India (actually the party in power) misuses the psu money and that is bad. True, well almost. HOWEVER, please note that some advantages that the psu undertakings enjoy should not be ignored. For a very long time you could pay your advance tax ONLY […]

Equity Market: what to do?

Well none of us know what next…but let us look at the crystal ball: – we are at 16,200 on the sensex as I write this post. Do not rule out a 25% jump in about 12 months time – which is more than 3 years yield in the debt market. – we all knew […]

Nothing against PSUs…but…

From all my posts if you have come to the conclusion that I am against PSU companies, you may not be very wrong. Are the employees in these companies to be blamed for their plight? Yes and No. I have known extremely committed and well meaning PSU employees. I used to know a person in […]

What is the government up to?

If you were a big businessman would you create COMPETITION for yourself? Kind of a stupid question right? Let us see what the Government of India does! In the life insurance business it already OWNS India’s most valuable player viz LIC. However it creates SBI, Star Union Daichi, Canara Hsbc Insurance, Idbi Fortis, ….and I […]