Serious financial mistakes…

Do people make serious financial mistakes? Difficult question to answer, and it also depends on whom to ask. However the question should be framed slightly differently. “Have you made any serious financial mistake? And if you are saying NO, do you understand what you are saying?’ My interaction with people of various ages shows the […]

What is safe leveraging?

Let us get it right, the real rich do not borrow. Never ever for personal expenses, buying assets or personal INVESTING. Borrowing and investing is a very foolish thing to do for most people. Will a Mukesh Ambani or a Kumar Birla take a personal loan to buy shares? Tough to answer this question? No. […]

How NPS can be dangerous

Too many people in the media are obsessed about fund management costs. This is not a bad thing – after all this is the ONLY thing to which we retail investors have access, right. Fund managers on the other hand (ok the 3-4 fund managers who I have spoken with and who have over the […]

Should I pay off my housing loan? or invest the money?

I have handled this question many times, and have come out with similar answers. However here are some questions which are IRRELEVANT …. 1. How much has the house appreciated by: Many people write in to say ‘I paid Rs. 20L now it is worth Rs. 37 lakhs’…This is completely immaterial. Your house appreciating has […]

Dilbert’s 9 Point Financial Plan: Will it work for India?

Adam Scott’s secret nine point formula is here and many people have said it deserves the Nobel prize. Ha simplicity is in. However all the people who want simplicity in THEORY actually LOVE to make their lives more COMPLEX. Given a choice between Idli and Aloo Parathan if you choose A.P, remember you are choosing […]

Markets are in a bull run?

Let us face it, when the market was at 15000 most media stories were how: a) people had lost lots of money in the equity markets, b) how fixed deposits and PPF had given better returns over 3 years c) why people should be scared of the equity markets. One good thing about the media […]

Retirement lifestyle management

Actually I am not sure whether this is a post on retirement or financial education. Or like a friend says all my posts are on financial education…. The financial services industry uses terms like financial planning, life insurance planning, retirement planning…..but the common man has found out that all thes are sales pitches, right? So […]