Internationally as well as Nationally it is now well known that meditation is playing an important role in fund management. Either it is a confirmatory bias – I know more people in the BFSI space so more stories are reaching me, or that meditation itself is getting very popular.

Whatever it is, meditation seems to be helping people in investments also. It is easy to understand why….let us look at the reasons:

1. It helps you SLOW down: with the speed of information, nonsense, noise, etc hitting your brain cells staying calm is very important. Taking contrarian calls in the market again calls for a calm mind.

2. It helps your creative juices flow better

3. It helps you to be less judgmental of your actions. Most of us are highly critical of our OWN actions. Meditation will help here too..

4. Conquering your ego is very important in data analysis: leaving your original stance is not easy EVEN FOR fund managers with a lot of experience.

5. Knowing when you are getting correct information and when you are seeking confirmatory information also requires calmness.

6. It surely improves your concentration, and the ability to handle stress.

there is of course no empirical data (seems to be impossible to study impact of meditation on fund performance) …but practitioners will keep pushing the idea..and many people seem to be liking it.

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  1. Any specific method you suggest?
    I can’t keep watch my breath more than 10 counts!
    Need a better method.

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