It is fairly obviously that in the course of creating wealth for people..I enjoy asking them…why they think they a) are poor or b) not so rich and the answers that I receive are amazing:

  1. My employer pays too less: Most people with a job are very clear that they are poorly paid. Most of them think that they deserve a better pay from the same employer. For earning more they will not change jobs, increase their education, go to different location, they will do none of this, but they will be happy to blame the employer for paying too less.
  2. My parents did not leave me enough: Of course it is nice to inherit a big chunk of money from your parents, but, not all of us made the right choice of wombs. So you cannot blame your parents for YOU choosing the wrong womb, can you. Some people blame their parents for a wrongful distribution of wealth – “my father gave away all the money to my sister and gave me NOTHING”. So for some of them this is another cause of ‘being poor’.
  3. My bank sold me many useless products – which I found out after I met you – I have 3 Unit linked Insurance, one Endowment plan and 2 pension plans. I realize that my banker made more money out of me than what I would ever make on these insurance plans.
  4. My bank put a gun on my head and gave me a loan: Well the day I passed class 12, my bank gave me a loan for my engineering, then for my MBA, then as soon as I passed and got a job they gave me a loan to buy a car, then they gave me a home loan, a personal loan to get married and go on a honeymoon….
  5. The taxes in this country are crippling: I pay service tax, income tax, …you know that I am left with very little, that I cannot save or invest enough.
  6. I had to spend a lot on looking after my parents: Forget inheriting anything from my parents, I actually ended up spending a lot to ¬†look after my parents and that took a toll on my finances. They did not have enough medical insurance so when my father had a heart attack I had to break my fixed deposits ….you know the story right?
  7. Things are so expensive! These days I am paying a lot of money for food, clothing, building maintenance, school fees, medicines, etc….how can I save more and invest more?

Now read it again. See how people blame others for everything for being poor.

Just change the language – and now read this: I am poor / not rich because of the following:

  1. I joined a stupid failed company, did not study enough, did not study appropriately….
  2. My parents gave me basic is my responsibility to build on it
  3. I did not learn about finances – I should have known how to borrow/ save / invest/compounding..I start TODAY.
  4. Every body pays taxes, and so will I
  5. If I had learnt about money..I would have taken medical insurance…
  6. I have to learn to spend less than what I earn..and pay myself first.

See the change?

Go change your attitude. Say it out LOUDLY “I am responsible for being where I am. From today I take responsibility to learn about money and increase my wealth” – is this difficult?



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  1. Somethings can’t be fixed. Parents, elderly cant get medical insurance after a certain age or after certain illnesses.

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