When I had met P (the person who wrote the post) I had no clue that he would become a raving fan of mine. Feels good, but let me tell you how the process happened.

Here, was P, a typical 32 year old..with a 8 year old kid and doing his family business. He was the only son and his business was booming. He was doing very well, and he had a good inheritance – 3 houses in Mumbai, a good equity portfolio, no mutual funds, obviously some PPF, bank balance, etc…

However, he was not very happy. The reasons were simple. His cousins were doing far, far better. More importantly he had no clue on how much he was making – he had some kind of an approximate idea based on the tax paid. He had no clue of whether his business was doing well, whether he was collecting properly, etc.

He knew he had shares (he and his family)…will you believe that they had not even seen the total net-worth figure of all their equity holdings. Now his alone would be about Rs. 12 crores..and his father’s, mother’s and his wife’s …it would be much more. It should double at least, if not more. His business income is also good and should be in 7 digits at the gross level before taxation.

Now he has a handle on all his business finance and personal finance. He has a dramatically reduced portfolio – in terms of length of portfolio.

His income and expenses are so faraway from each other that that they could be living separately.

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  1. Subra, in schools too have seen some making the bright kids even brighter. Tht’s not whom i respect as a great teacher. Show light to people who r in darkness not knowing that light exists nad had to b lit thru proper source. Help people plant seeds whose roots are so strong as to, no winds or calamities of can shake the tree. Just an ignorable feedback

  2. He belonged to a business family.
    3 houses in Mumbai. 2 in rental alone are sufficient for retirement.
    12 crores of equity portfolio alone sufficient. What’s the big deal?
    Ovarian lottery sir, ovarian lottery!
    This is advertisement to HNI clients or what?

  3. dear subra,
    “His income and expenses are so faraway from each other that that they could be living separately. ”
    hilarious yet aspirational.

  4. Motivating as well as depressing.. considering my current situation 😉 ..Bu thanks to your site, I am now aware of how critical is retirement planning and completely changed my perspective on ‘what can i afford’

  5. Sir,

    It would be good if you could share success stories of middle class people.
    Good way would be to start with you. You have been very successful inspite of many hardship.


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