this is not a post…just trying to gather what kind of lies do Investors believe?

a) lies that they tell themselves: a) i will live by a budget from tomorrow

b) i will start a sip from next month…..etc.


b) lies that your RM told you: a) this ulip will give 18% return

b) even if u want to save for 6 months u can do a SIP…etc.

c) lies that you read…or understood wrong a) direct investing is more risky than investing through mutual funds…etc.


d) other lies..


please tell me the lies that you heard / hear…and if you lost money because of that…



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  1. 1. It is best to invest in Kisan Vikas Patra, SBi FD and to keep money in the savings account. This government can any day shutdown everything else, and there will always be people like Harsha Mehta to steal our money invested in stocks.

    2. “My father knows what is best for me, and he is investing my money in cash-back policies of LIC”.

    3. Only LIC will pay you the insured amount. All these private sector people will only steal it from you.

    4. For maximum safe returns, but a cashback policy.

    5. You should show your committment to my daughter by buying a house. 30 year EMIs are no big deal – with all our blessings, you will definitely live a long life. Also, paying EMIs regularly will keep you disciplined.

    6. You should buy a house because you have the money.

  2. 1. A house would only appreciate in value. It will never go down or even below inflation.
    2. I don’t need much money, when I retire, I will go to my hometown where cost of living is less. – not understanding that it would be next to impossible to move to 2nd/3rd tier city after life in metro/big city.
    3. I made 30% return in last 1 month – therefore I am genius in stock picking.
    4. I am buying for long term, but selling at small market movement.
    5. My MF has given *only* 10% return in last 2 months, so I need to switch.
    6. India is bound to do good in future, hence put money anywhere and it will grow.
    7. RM has best interest of me in his/her heart.

  3. The best lie that a young investor believes is he can invest 25000 for the next 25 years. So much trust on IT jobs…

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