To be successful you need to have tremendous Self Image. Now the line between self image, self worth and ego is not easy to draw. So one has to keep learning….

When a kid joins corporate India – he/she could get mauled by a boss with a huge ego. The kid has to know when self respect ends or when ego begins. There is no reason to tolerate insults, but that does not mean you should be very sensitive to every comment that every colleague makes. Again the line is thin.

Take the case of people with a lot of self worth – they do not let set backs impact their performance. Look at Vijay Mallaya. He has not created any great wealth. Sure he had the luck of the womb….and his father gave him businesses which ANYBODY could run.  He used that to create a huge liquor and spirits business. World beating volumes. World ranking – his beer sells in 55 countries. Not a mean achievement. Brilliant brand building – ‘The King of Good Times’. Along with the image he was gallivanting too – his wife (Siddarth’s mother) left him. However he did not know his circle of competence.

He used those cash flows to create Airlines. He took over Mangalore Chemical and Fertilisers. He botched up that too. He sold off his stake in big pharma companies….and stuck just to the booze. Even when he was being battered by all the banks and media he was busy attending all the IPL matches and drawing attention…

Navjot Singh Sidhu: He ditched the Indian team in England and ran away. Nobody talks about that anymore. He was accused of and convicted of murder. During the period when he was being prosecuted he was still going around the country giving lectures on Motivation. He is still a big Motivational speaker and a well paid one at that. He does not mind the fact that he has problems on the police front, he is able to appear on all television channels….and generally sound intelligent (sorry this is just a post not passing judgement).

Shashi Tharoor: his wife died in mysterious circumstances – Sunanda Pushkar – I have no clue whether he is guilty or otherwise, but look at his confidence, poise. I am amazed that he can so coolly look after himself..not many of us will be able to do this I guess.

People who predict WRONG on Television EVERYDAY...but have no issues coming on the next day as if they have NEVER been wrong….lol..


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  1. You have said the correct point. This is the reason all corrupt/bad people also can smile and come out of jail with a jubilant faces. Before and after conviction, they will say this is opposition ploy.
    The value system is gone forever. If one does hard work and earn meagerly, people will reject him. Whereas some one takes all shortcuts and get financially better, Society respect. What you see is the state of the society as whole.

  2. Self-worth is a inner attribute of a person and it is needed not only for achieving the success but also for grip it for a long time, while having ego can destroy our personal as well as our professional relations.

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