One reader (SR)  sent me some details like age etc. and asked me “Can I Retire, my age is 41 years”.

Answers like ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is perhaps very easy to give. Completely irresponsible too. Let me explain.

If I were a doctor and a 41 year old man came and said ‘this is my health report, and this is my lifestyle, will I EVER suffer from diabetes, blood pressure, ………’ what would I say?

“Dear Sir, if you continue to live the same lifestyle, same stress level, same food ………..blah blah blah…you may not have a problem, HOWEVER you need to come to me for an annual check up ….and then I will be able to talk about your life for ANOTHER ONE YEAR’…

Even in this case assuming SR sticks to his existing life style HE HAS NO CLUE what life has in store for him. So taking 5 year views on portfolios is possible, beyond that having a view is madness. If suppose one kid had told me in 2007 he has invested in Tata Steel, Hindalco, Bharti airtel, Reliance, – I would have said ‘wow, surely your money will double in 6 years…’. Today I would look stupid.

So if SR had put half of his money in this equity portfolio – he would have been decimated. So giving a view is nice, but we have to realize the risk in doing so. Every day something could go wrong.

So, yes, create a nice big surplus, create a portfolio of steady Income assets like debt instruments, and some volatile assets like real estate and equity shares (or mutual funds). Keep your health in great shape, do what you love – but try to make money doing it. If you love playing tennis see how much you can earn as a tennis coach. Maybe in a school, but DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE – and try to get paid for the same. That way it will not FEEL LIKE A JOB AT ALL….

If you like talking to travel see if you can work in a travel service as a guide. It is a brilliant way to see the world – then do not bother about YOUR salary.

Normally if you enjoy what you are doing, chances are success and money will follow.

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  1. Subra Sir,

    Thank you for the post.

    All important points noted.

    In one of your recent posts you had mentioned 1 Million USD so I have a better idea now. (BTW In original query 2 crore as working capital for daily needs plus savings and there was fully paid home, plus 1.3 crore more and expected to at least double in 20 years.)

    (BTW if one has observed the rich, mannerless tourists from let’s call a certain country” 😉 😉 and how they treat others (drivers, hotel staff, guide, customer care), being their tour guide is a punishment. It is not at all a brillient way. Sorry I beg to differ. There is no fun in keeping up with the tourists demands, keeping with time and that is not a way to enjoy a trip at all. I would rather work and earn some more money to pay for the travel on my own terms than be a tour guide. 🙂 )

    Once again thank you for your inputs, it surely helps me plan as well as feel better 🙂

  2. if you enjoy what you are doing, chances are success and money will follow’
    If ppl really follow this I can assure 90% of folks will leave IT jobs

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