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Real estate with 500 to 1000% returns..

Happened to watch Star Vijay Tv at about 6am today. One ad was for real estate – and one of the ‘idiots’ of 3 idiots was selling real estate. Did not pay much attention, but thought to myself ‘why the …..should these guys sell products that they do not understand’. Then i reconciled myself saying […]

A regulator is like Traffic Police

The role of a regulator is more like a traffic policeman rather than like an investigative policeman. The traffic police makes rules: – only persons above 18 should drive – a 2 wheeler rider and his pillion should wear a helmet – signals mean……. – license application, format, test, etc. We have had a regulator […]

Dormant, Deactivated, mutual fund account – not easy to understand please…

  In a country where English is spoken only by the elite, SEBI has done another very unnecessary thing. However, I am not criticising the regulator, just stating the facts. SEBI in its wisdom decided that all mutual fund accounts in which there has been no activity for the past 6 months will be called […]

Regulators should use XBRL!

  Today’s Economic Times carries an article about SEBI wanting to create a committee to view/ review the qualifications by the auditor. Sounds good? Let us see what a sister organization MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) is doing. They get the significant Indian companies to file their Annual Returns in XBRL format. In the XBRL […]

Goldman Sachs, Mckinsey, Rajat Gupta….

Ethics and Morality have been the first casualties in this era…so ‘respect’ sounds alien, does it not? Rajat Gupta was not trying to be anything different from a small revenue department clerk – trying to make an extra buck. People like Rajat KNOW what they are doing is wrong. Make no mistake. They are too […]

Sahara vs Sebi

For all those people who feel that the regulator is not doing a good job, well, see what happens even when they do! Peerless, Sahara, and the likes are great Indian companies. No regulator, or government can ever say that they are doing anything wrong, but nobody is sure also. They can get a license […]

Running Regulations: Draft for circulation and constituent comments

A few days ago the Running Regulator was created, here are the draft regulations. Comments are invited from runners, doctors, photographers, hoteliers, shoe manufacturers, socks and other accessories manufacturers, spouses and parents of runners, coaches, physiotherapists, gym owners, drivers of cars supporting runners, and any other person who thinks about running, and all others. Rules […]