Ethics and Morality have been the first casualties in this era…so ‘respect’ sounds alien, does it not?

Rajat Gupta was not trying to be anything different from a small revenue department clerk – trying to make an extra buck.

People like Rajat KNOW what they are doing is wrong. Make no mistake. They are too damn intelligent to tell us ‘he did not know’. If you are the CEO of one of the largest managing consultancy firms you cannot be a dud.

He simply assumed HE IS TOO DAMN BIG and will be able to use money, skills, oration, influence…and get away with all ths shit he has done!

Well, I have not heard any good news in the recent past about Goldman Sachs, Mckinsey or Rajat Gupta…here is the Bloomberg report

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  1. He clearly has not seen or understood “Wall Street” (1987) movie . Dont do wrong while you are in the U..S..A 🙂

  2. He got what he deserved.

    But I am more annoyed by the friendsofrajat dot come site and bizarre show of support from Indian big guns like Mukesh, Adi godrej, Y.C Deveshwar etc etc…. what the heck were they thinking ?
    In their dreams they thought they can influence the US court proceeding by writing on a site like this ?

  3. yes Raja. That is the state of affairs today. If I am big, rich and powerful, I CAN DO ANY WRONG – and use my influence and get away. We have come a long way off from C Rajagopalachari to the land of Raja and P Chidambaram.

    If you do not want to go that far back then there was Madhu Dhandavate…and Pramila Dhandavate..but then God threw away the mould I think 🙂

  4. Another things we haven’t heard of yet is. Shouldn’t his ex-employers be asking for withdrawal/refund of his retirement benefits and the like ?
    These senior executives take such golden parachutes while retiring and now when convicted they should rightly give it all back. They have no business retaining all the ill gotten money.
    I had heard the whole tape conversation between him Raj way back and didn’t had even an iota of doubt that it’s wrong.
    After all, most MNC employers, like mine, make the employees take online course every single year of our service, to educate what is correct conduct and what is not.

  5. “Honesty is the best policy” , maybe it was not taught to them in childhood , any lie in business transform in tensions & take away your peaceful nights.

  6. Poor fellow !
    He should have come back to India and done all that he did.He would have gotten away easily.
    The irony is he didn’t even make any money out of it !

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