Isha foundation is doing a lot of good work in the fields of education, girl child, and environment.

One of their projects is a tree planting program..and for as little as Rs. 50 you can ‘sponsor’ a tree…


in case you wish to give for education, you can do so here:




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  1. Many Thx sir .Just contributed .Thx to this input like you gave for Akshay Patra some time back.Many Thx

  2. thanks Milind. Like Bill Gates says doing charity is also very difficult. It is time I did a post on that! Thanks for the donation on behalf of Isha, and thanks on behalf of – i got a post idea on ‘how to’ 🙂

  3. Isha Foundation not only plant trees for greener earth but also plant in our mind useful ideas of “how to lead a life”..Readers can go through a book namely “Mystic’s Musings”…wonderful book to read..

  4. Dear Subra,
    Will do my part today. You might like to have a post on how these organizations can be self sustaining and ca

  5. Dear Subra,
    Will do my part today. You might like to have a post on how these organizations can be self sustaining and can create wealth for itself.
    As this has been evident from various university funds like yale and harvard.

    Can an NGO do it?

  6. Hi Subra, I donated.. I liked the idea … to increase the green cover…. probably it should be spread to all states….

  7. Hi Subra,
    Done. Would prefer Akashyapatra still.. the feeling of hungry childhood is much more haunting ..

  8. hey I am just a showroom..choose whatever u want..preferably as a student my request to you is viral it….spread the word that is as useful as your money.

    Akshayapatra brings education, so does Isha…if u do visit their website..u will see that they are setting up schools in every district..and they too do provide food.

    But like what i said…it is really your choice. Both organisations are good as far as my rudimentary arm chair research goes…

    all the best 🙂

  9. Thank you for the wishes Subra,
    I have picked your thoughts and have a lot to learn from you. During my discussions with fellow students/seniors and people in industry I keep referring to you on most of the subjects as my faculty.. !!Have a great desire to meet you in person :).. you should ask me (and not request me)and I will do it…

    Have started promoting Isha on FB and will do it among my circle of influence..

    And, I am a graduate now 🙂

  10. you need to remind us about this more often. Specially when the index is @ 27000. I think we are more generous when we are happy. 😛 😀

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