Why do we pay money to watch a film?

Simply because we love to see the good man win and the bad man lose. This is basic to a film. So when we go to a movie the director starts building up the image – the bad man does bad things and the good man does good things only. It has been put into our heads that answering back elders, smoking, drinking, womanising, …the list is endless are all ‘bad’ things.

Similarly there are good things which a hero does. Clearly good vs. bad, and the good man wins. Black and White. No shades of grey.

Cut to Satyameva Jayate. Aamir Khan chooses clear topics on which (normally) there can be ONLY ONE SIDE. Ask yourself:

– is it ok to take dowry?

– is it ok to abuse a woman, or a child, or a handicapped person?

-is it all right for a doc to take a kick back from a specialist?

There are NO two sides to any of these stories at all. Even the case of dowry – if you realise that it was just a way of partitioning the HUF property, it does not sound draconian as it is made out to be.

So now if you do a topic like ‘Should senior citizens be staying in Old People’s Home’ – he will selectively choose people who are in such homes by COMPULSION and IGNORE people who are there by choice. Then there will be shrill voices…and the ‘old coupe is a victim….so cruel’ kinda message will go through.

Why does a 59 year old childless widow look after her 86 year old father in law and blind 83 year old mother in law? Esp when she herself has blood pressure, sugar, and arthiritis?

Frankly, she wants to get along in life……..but then such people are in the shades of grey, so not allowed…Hey I told you…Good v Bad..ONLY…

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  1. is it ok to take dowry ? is it ok to abuse a woman, or a child, or a handicapped person? Do you REALLY think this even require to listen second side ? Partitioning the HUF property should be by choice (Gift/Will) not by force (Asking for money etc..)

  2. Nitin that is EXACTLY what I am saying..all these stories HAVE only one side, right, so it is a part of SMJ.

    smj cannot do arranged marriage vs love marriage – then there will be 2 sides.

    Aamir has to take ONLY ONE SIDED story..(the villain) so that Aamir can beat it up..hero vs villain

  3. Sir what you have written makes perfect sense. However i really feel that even Aamir Khan is aware of that. His objective of the show is to point out these bad things in society on the facesof the society. Which News Channels have most forgotten to even bother reporting and the system chooses to ignore as punishable crimes. He is choosing ONLY the BAD things but the need of the hour is to highlight them, which he is doing

    Last week’s episode had the ending with a group of Handicapped dancers. people who despite their handicapp have done something with their life. The GOOD side.

  4. Even Kasab/Charles Shobhraj/A Raja/Suresh Kalmadi have their own side of stories to tell which justifies what they did.

    Problem with we Indians is, when somebody is doing good, we expect them to do 100% perfect thing. Even if they do 90% good, we say – ‘see that person is 10% wrong’, highlighting is 10% failure. When sachin scores century we don’t acknowledge his achievement, rather we say he took 110 balls to complete it, why not 100 balls. When Kiran Bedi raises her voice against corruption, instead of supporting her, we dig out a issue of overcharging for air flight to an ngo, and then point out that even she is doing corruption.

    It is unfortunate that unlike other superstars, when Aamir is doing something which is good to society, we are busy in finding out negativities of his show.

  5. Right Subra
    I can list down more topics that have both sides.
    (1)Do reservations, really serve their purpose?.
    (2)Is Govt. really caring for poor by providing subsidies?.
    (3)Kashmiris, whats their real story?
    (4)Is our democratic system flawed?
    (5)Why their is no regulator in Real Estate Market.
    (6)Is our media biased?
    (7)Real reason for possible stagflation.
    (8)Are we biggest racist in this world?
    (9)Why Indian railways cannot improve?

  6. an actor is an actor. Responsible actor, maybe, but an actor. So to think that Aamir is India’s new savior, be my guest. In a movie there has to be a Hero and a villain…In a program there has to be ‘somebody’ or ‘something’ that can be bashed.

    So he will do a program which will ask:

    -Should old people be left in Old People’s Home? (the answer of course depends on whom you ask, but here it will be shown that leaving them in OPH is a CRIME.

    -Should there be Capitation Fee (donation seats or donation colleges)

    now the answer is pretty obvious. If all children had unlimited time, energy and space all of us could live together, right?

    pleas answer why the GREAT hindu undivided family …DIE?

    …SO WE will have simplistic solutions..and obviously with defective research.

    Remember the editor of a big mag tell me “Subra once we decide to do a story..we do not let facts interfere in our job” LOL

  7. I agree With @Praveen. Atleast Aamir is taking initiative and doing some good to society unlike other stars who don’t care to indulge in such causes.

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