Bouyed with the amazing success of the mutual fund industry, the Government of India decided to regulate the food, pharma industry along with the doctors.

The start was made with the food industry. So from 1st April onwards, all hotels will have to display in their menu card, the full details of the food that is being served. As an example, in case of vada the following will have to be detailed:

quantity of pulses, the machine in which it was ground, and the amount of oil used.

the time of manufacture will have to be detailed and date stamped too.

the brand of the oil will have to be mentioned too

Calories will have to be mentioned on the side along with the effort required to burn off the same. For e.g. the plate of vada with say 330 calories will require a 5k run effort to be burned off. If you are the Security Guard of McDonald and when a guest comes in you have to announce that “there is a better hotel down the road that serves good veg food which is good for your health. Not announcing this can get you to pay a fine not exceeding Rs. 400,000 per day of default.

The following procedure will have to be followed by the hotel:

  • every cook, and waiter will have to get a registration number and this will have to be mentioned in the bill
  • the reg no. will be valid for 2 years, and will have to be renewed regularly
  • the retirement age for a cook is 60 years and for the waiter 55 years
  • all hotels will employ a compliance officer to make sure that all these norms are properly followed
  • when an overweight client comes into the hotel, you will have to check his ‘food prescription’ issued by food consultant
  • needless to say other than water and green tea no other food will be sold without a food prescription
  • if you serve non veg food, you will have to explain the advantages of vegetarianism before the food is ordered
  • the person’s food prescription should be cross checked on the FRBI website
  • FRBI – Food Regulation Board of India will do lectures and spread awareness of eating in moderation
  • there will be no soliciting of new or unregulated items like ‘double sundae’ which have been banned
  • since sundae rhymes with sunday and people can be misled, this item has been baned
  • food fried and dipped in sugar syrup – like Jalebi – will need an expert opinion
  • people with diabetes, blood pressure, etc. will have to be served food in the presence of a doctor
  • every hotel must have 2 ambulances (own) waiting at the entrance of the hotel
  • when a guest comes to the hotel a kyc will have to be done or updated regularly
  • whether a guest is adequately insured should also be verified regularly – every 1.9 years
  • a 24% service charge can be levied to meet these expenses

More notifications will follow soon..

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  1. Though the above reads very funny, some of it is actually rules. The only statement I wish comes true is “require a 5k run effort to be burned off” for each type of food we consume.

  2. interesting read–however, my personal opinion is Subra should stick to his area of competence–there are several other sites where one can read spoofs and humourous articles.

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