what is the Indian Institute of Ponytail Management worried about?

it is worried about people knowing that it is NOT recognised.

Is it really a problem? No.

As long as parents BUY seats such institutes will survive. Sorry make it thrive.

One Armstrong (translate to Hindi) runs an institute in a prime suburb of Mumbai…but dammit it is recognized…we even recruited from there once. That was enough though. We may not ever go there…but here …this is what Arindam Chaudhari does not want YOU, your parents or your children to see…


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  1. Sorry for asking novice question.
    How recognition from UGC will help an institute. For example, isn’t the placement and reputation of the institute matter the most? Those are kind of visible signs of the brand.
    Are there any other examples abroad where university is not recognized by government and still doing well in terms of placement?
    I understand that PSU would not hire from unrecognized institutions but what about others? How private employers view such institutions?

    In case of management school, isnt the reputation matter the most? Thats why there is no point in doing MBA from 3rd tier school.

  2. Dr M Chandrashekhar

    AICTE is a den of corruption & there are scores of UGC & AICTE recognised Engineering Colleges rotting in Tamil Nadu, Andhra & Karnataka.

    Some of the Private Institutes do not want AICTE & UGC recognition because of Financials & Reservations. ISB Hyderabad is doing an excellent job without these recognitions. Similarly 35 years back Manipal was branded as swindling money from students. They ploughed in the money back diligently & built up a world class Institution.

  3. In MBA field, students from well reputed colleges (with or without UGC/AICTE recognition) were placed in gud companies or get recognized well then of MBA’s from those 1000’s of UGC recognized low rung colleges. UGC recognition only matters to if the student want to pursue further studies that too in India.

    Corporates ONLY believe in BRAND of college, but never by which govt (corrputed) body it got recognized.

    We can’t blame IIPM’s in campus palcements, bcoz even IIM’s can’t provide GUD PLACEMENTS to 100% of it’s students (enough material on this on net) & no where in world there’s concept of PLACEMENTS in reputed colleges around the world.

    I agree they give some misleading ads but it’s a lot better then some Intermediate (+2) college ads here in south India which says as if only their students got into IIT’s

    p.s: I am not related to IIPM in any manner

  4. You know what’s the funny part is…
    It’s known since any years now. And we can’t do anything about it. Potentially, there is no law that can bring them to book.

  5. the CFA (original US org) was blocked by the AICTE because ICFAI (the desi copycat IIPM equivalent) filed a case against it.this was in 2007-2009,i am not sure how it was resolved. The US CFA aspirants clearly dont give a hoot about AICTE recognition.

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