1. Hello Sir,
    You are talking about investment or financial planning?
    Some savvy people would not mind to give you nice advisory fee to get market beating returns on “investment”.
    At other spectrum, there are some people who don’t know simple risk-return analysis. Like option trading in the examples you mentioned above.

  2. Hi Subra,
    I agree it is impossible to give advice to strangers over email. You can give guidelines and advice through blog. But the individual advice prerequisite is to understand the customer.

    One request though, is it possible to get your advice through phone(Ready to pay the fees) and follow-ups through email. As you have mentioned the clients are geographically scattered . As a matter of fact, I am from Tamilnadu and have to plan alot to travel to Mumbai.

    Thanks and Regards,

  3. Hi Subra

    I have been reading your posts since long time….Nice question posted by you….the third one…”my son does Futures and Options and says he never makes losses in that…should I also start doing that”

    Request you to express your views on detail on this……do you really feel this is possible????

  4. Subra Sir,

    I don’t think there is any dearth of GOOD Hald baked professionals in the market,It just seems people currently need a person who will only keep correcting the cource & will have the ability to Scold the person for wrong doing
    but then in the current marketing driven economy that will be impossible. So what is the answer, Do we designate some one from our close friend circle as One what is the answer…..

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