This is a question especially for people who have read my book on retirement….

That was my first book and it had a great response….about 50,000 copies sold…well I enjoyed it for sure!!

Now I want a feedback….will you please tell me what was missing?

The second revised REWRITING beckons!

Would like to know:

what did I miss

what I touched too briefly?

where did i waste too much time?

In the second book planning to skip ‘what is equity’, ‘what is debt’….etc. assuming people know that. Is that fine?

I will not be putting any calculator – will just point you to some good calculators like Pattabhiraman’s Freefincal, Templeton’s calculators, etc.

…….Anything else that you think that is important….


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  1. Sir,

    Trying to purchase your book from last 4-5 months from flipkart. The english version is always out of stock. I guess if stocks were available, number would be more than just 50,000 copies.



  2. Subra ji,

    1. A bit more of choosing mutual funds equity and debt funds – how to choose them, review them, direct or indirect.
    2. How should one plan for retirement, other goals when he is inheriting good chunk of money and how much should he change his lifestyle?
    3. Deciding on estimates of inflation, equities, PF/PPF
    4. some graphs to understand quicker
    5. Need for financial planner and judging a financial planner

  3. long back i bought it, read it thoroughly , sent my feedback then and you replied in your blog.again i started fast reading and shortly send feedback , if any. however i got some query after reading one of your recent post โ€œEquity Markets give good average returns!โ€ wherein you mentioned โ€˜So when you see a huge deviation from the mean, either invest aggressively OR sell aggressively (hoping for regression to the mean)!!โ€™ i guess that here you are talking about yearly mean and alerting on huge deviation from the yearly mean. am i correct in my guess? and further where(website) can we get the data of yearly mean and deviation day to day? i think , you may point out such matters in your new addition. because if somebody started and put his money at one stretch in indian equity or related mfs in Jan.2008, it would have turned nightmare for him but for knowing such matters.even for withdrawing for any goal nearing its period, such knowing useful, i think.

  4. planning to write a new, smaller book on retirement..more like a compendium to my existing book – containing those things which got left behind….

  5. Bought your book almost 2 years back., but it’s still in the cupboard ๐Ÿ™‚ & never opened that. but never missed a single blog post on blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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