Should I pay off my housing loan? or invest the money?

I have handled this question many times, and have come out with similar answers. However here are some questions which are IRRELEVANT …. 1. How much has the house appreciated by: Many people write in to say ‘I paid Rs. 20L now it is worth Rs. 37 lakhs’…This is completely immaterial. Your house appreciating has […]

Best asset class for the coming decade?

Caveat: I do not know the answer. Caveat: I do not think I need to know the answer, I am happy with a 2% real return, for many of you that would be not a happy situation, perhaps. My requirements have gone down because of the past performance. Caveat: Nobody has an answer, and far […]

What is financially secure or financially free?

You hear the words ‘financially free’ or ‘financially independent’ regularly, right? What exactly do these words mean? Well there are a few things that it means: 1. You spend significantly lesser than your income: this is difficult to describe beyond a point. Let us say you are earning Rs. 300,000 a month post tax. Your […]

Where to invest, NOW?

HA ha….most of you know where this question will head right? The latest documents from the Fed reveal that they did not understand what is happening in the Economy. I always knew it – and those following me on FB know my views about the regulators in general and Fed in particular. For a momentary […]

Indian Rule of 15

Well there is no real Indian rule of 15, but I have just taken the American Rule of 25 and adapted to Indian conditions… What is the American Rule of 25? Well if you need an income of 100,000 a year and you are not worried too much about the rate of inflation POST RETIREMENT…then […]

Inheritance: How do I deal with it part 2

  Will you inherit anything at all……..and how much you inherit is a question that you need to answer for yourself! The longer a parent lives, will the corpus be higher or lower? Well this is a trick question actually. If you are living in your father’s house which is appreciating (like people say real […]

Net Worth Implosion: Equity and Real estate: Villains!

For most people who have seen a drop in wealth…and do not know what caused it. The most cruel impact the 2003-7 boom has had on people is they believe it can happen again. Subra, I am sure once more the market will move up 7 times in 5 years. We only do not know […]