Good idea. Government will decide on how much a doctor should charge for a fee for an operation. Great. Why should the government not decide on how much Deepika Padukone should charge for a movie?

Well a doctor studies, and undergoes training till age 33/5 if he chooses to specialize. He has some 5000 tests and diagnostic processes and procedures to choose from. He tells you in advance what he is going to do, he tells you it will cost Rs. 22,00,000.

Is that not transparency? What more do you want?

If you go to Jaslok hospital you will pay Rs. 10L for the whole operation, if he went to a govt hospital…it would cost him Rs. 100000 perhaps. So why should the govt control Jaslok prices? If people KNOW that there are different hospitals offering the same operation at different prices, let the client decide. Let the client decide which hospital he/she wants to go.

A super specialist doctor starts earning at age of 35. Who will compensate him for he 18 years of medical education that he has put in?

A hospital buys land in a good location paying market rates. Who will subsidize this?

Medicines carry tax, and doctors pay Income tax. Who will compensate for that?

Well, it is a free world. People can choose their careers.

A qualified neuro surgeon can become a banker if he chooses. No, a banker cannot become a surgeon without 10 years of education and training.

Nurses specialize – pediatric, cardio, anasthesia,….there is a new breed of specialised nurses. Who paid for that training?

Doctors pay 33% income tax. Who will pay for that>


all these questions have to be answered first,

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  1. Electrophysiology Study costs around 2 lakh at apollo to determine irregular heart beat.
    Radio Frequency ablation costs around 2 lakh at apollo to fix the irregular heart beat tissue around the heart is burnt.
    If done in 2 different days it should costs 4 lakhs because you are booking OPT on 2 different days. For a layman not knowing what it is apollo charges them as different procedures even when done on same day single sitting. On top of it they tell you need to get 3D imaging machine from outside which costs 1 lakh extra and its your call.Only the doctor knows that its not 2 different procedure if done on same day because if you detect anomaly you fix it in the same sitting.

    The same procedure at govt hospital is considered as one, detect the anomaly and fix. Cost: 45,000.00 If such practices are used to mint money by pvt hospital and doctors then god save humanity. It is not even about pvt hospital being better, hospital being close during an emergency is all one looks at and hence get exploited. Once you get admitted they dont let you leave as well, no second opinion nothing unless you have a doctor in the family capable of readying their bullshit.

    Is this the proud way doctors want to get rich?

  2. Sir, charging people premium when they are in distress and when they have virtually no choice in the matter, is not exactly an honorable way to earn a living. It is like when the government run bus service is in strike and the auto wallahs charge a 400% premium with a take it or leave it attitude. One of my relatives told an auto wallah in Hindi “hamari majboori tumhari manmani”. My sister is a doctor, so is her husband, and so also one of my uncles and one of my cousin’s husband. I know the inside out of how the medical profession in India charges money.

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