Here is a quick list on what I will not write on:

-Taxation esp personal tax. There are more than enough people doing this.

-Stock specific tips etc. I may do it once in a while, but not as a regular thing, and not something that is useful. I mean I will not do updates etc. For example I held MRF for donkeys years and have just sold it. I mean buying in 3 digits and selling in 5 digits is nice, right? I have lmw – and still holding. So I will not write stock specific stories, generally. However, there are some companies which have a fantastic reputation but I am not happy holding the stock for various reasons. As and when I sell I will say I have sold.

PLEASE do understand that I do a lot of work with the industry, mutual funds, life insurance companies, regulators, etc. So to some extent I will be hampered – I may call a spade a earth moving machine or vice versa.

You also need to understand that I have a position in Hero Honda from the ipo. So the bias is obvious…and u should know that..

Just thought I should warn you….before you read all the things I write…….

I normally do not ask others to write for my blog….but not sure if I will change my mind…..

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