In 1993-4 the National Stock Exchange was born. Also around that time The Stock Exchange, Mumbai (now famously called BSE) went online.

This actually put about 100,000 people out of work. Technology happened.

Such stories are not difficult to hear around the world. However, some people believe that they should not be touched. Immaterial of what happens to the outside world.

When TV 18 group recruited, nobody complained.

Nobody said salaries are too high.

Nobody said there are too many people.

Nobody asked whether any creative work was being done.

Nobody…………….the list really is endless. Why? Because it was NONE of our business. The shareholders were paying the salaries of the people being recruited. The ads kept coming, the stories kept happening,

Now suddenly the shareholder(s) is saying “Great. But show me the money’ – and we have ‘friends’ and journalists object to the removal. They are saying ‘admin’ people are not being removed. I think this is nit picking…here

enjoy the nit picking!


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  1. Why don’t the media professionals unionize? That will help ensure nobody gets fired when times are tough (sarc).
    Another vulnerable group of employees is IT. They are given high salaries, but not allowed to unionize nor are their peers salaries disclosed to one another (thereby promoting highly opaque salary structures). Also, to the best of my knowledge, no IT worker is paid ‘overtime’ even when an employee works extra hours or over the weekend. On top of that, their bonuses are tied to performance (all self/group/company) and not fixed. So come diwali and if something went wrong during the year, a huge section of employees could be looking at no extra money at all to spend on those brand new clothes/sweets/car/mobile.

  2. @LuckyOye
    Unions are the reason many European countries shifted their Jobs to India. Start one in IT, they will move to a different country. China is happily ready for it. Already they have lot of empty buildings vacant everywhere.

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