Vaibhav has suggested that I take readers views:

happy to do that

Please suggest what topics to write on…However here is a NEGATIVE list, on which I will not write:

– which share to buy

– top best 5 shares to buy / mf schemes to invest

– anything specific about a company or a scheme (i track only 10 schemes, so cannot write anything about the 40,000 schemes which exist)

– will not write about ‘financial planners’ and their ilk or about the fraternity to which they belong

……actually it is tough to even make a very long negative list…but yes the suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Hello Sir,
    If possible, please write about goal based planning/investing?
    I have a couple of kids and I am not sure if I am doing right to secure their education, marriage, job/business etc.,
    I am against child plans and currently having a term plan and mutual funds for this purpose.

  2. Sir,

    I want you to write about Hindu Undivided family(HUF). How can it be useful in tax point.


  3. Subra sir,can you please write some articles around below mentioned topics.

    1. There will be lot of folks including me who would like to know
    What are the various ways apart from 80C to reduce tax liability
    2. In this highly inflated scenario, does it makes sense to take a home loan (or any kind of loan) to create assets
    3. How to do a fundamental analysis of a particular stock, what to derive from stock specific news?
    4. What precautions needs to be taken for an IPO?
    5. Tricks and tips for creating/increasing wealth in a conservative way
    6.Your experiences dealing with smart investors/industry leaders/HNIs etc.

  4. Your blogs are quite interesting. I especially like the way you keep the topics random and invite discussions. Please keep that going.

    There is one topic that always burns me. I still fail to understand how I can end up managing my portfolio (be it mutual funds or shares or whatever) when it grows. Do I use strategies to limit it to a number (8 mutual funds) or put eggs/nest everywhere? It is easy to start with balancing concepts when my corpus is in lakhs. But what happens when the portfolio moves to crores intended for retirement. Given the fact that these folio statements float everywhere in unsecured mailboxes, how can I protect it from thefts. It is not even a situation where I can place it in a safe-locker.

    The fact that I have an engineering profession bothers me even more (that I do not understand this).


  5. I second Mr. Sanjeev Bhatia. I would like to read more about the tools and techniques that an individual investor can use to assess the fundamentals of any company.

  6. Subra,

    I am sure you will receive tons of suggestions and topics, whichever topic you take please keep it simple.

    “Simple” is a subjective term… in short if you are explaining balance sheet (most tough topic for many average people), will appreciate if you explain in plain simplified language so a 8th-10th standard student can understand without going into too much details or subscribing to expensive services.

    Thanks for your time.


  7. this is your blog….write about whatever tickles you…..isn’t that what made u start writing this in first place ?

    have been reading everyday for a very long time, in my personal opinion, you have a very wide perspective ( wider than most who I meet on a daily basis atleast) and the bloomberg’s caption fits the bill perfectly for you – “blunt & sharp” so as far as I am concerned anything goes.

    look forward to all your comments, critique, criticisim, cynisycim, condemnations,condescension, conceit, contempt, concessions and charitable thoughts on pretty much anything and everything that goes around in what we mere mortals call life….!!!

  8. Hi Subra,

    I am regular follower of your blog. Thanks for your regular posts and layman like presentation. It is a great education for a hardcore techie like me who is a big zero when it comes to finance. Really appreciate your work.

    I would like you to touch on a little bit off the track topic, Finance education.

    There are hundreds of certifications from BSE, NSE, institutes and who not. There are thousands of finance MBAs part time full time etc. Then come the CFA, CAs, ICWAs. I feel like saying ‘lol’.

    Would love it if somebody like you could put some perspective to this whole jungle of finance education. Is it worth the effort?


  9. I am expecting article from you about your day-to-day experience.

    What mistakes you have done and how you overcome that mistakes?
    What is the new invention you have done in financial markets and what is the advantages and disadvantages on that invention?
    You may interact with many of your clients daily. I need to know that some of the interesting stories of your clients related in financials sector.

  10. Articles about Day trading, DMA’s, EMA’s, elliot waves, supp/resistance, breakouts etc 🙂 🙂 🙂

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