Here are some brilliant Investment Mantras. They are perfectly correct, and COMPLETELY USELESS for you.

Why useless, because there is absolutely NO WAY how you will be able to implement even one of them if you are a lay investor. I got it from a very hallowed place, and dare not tell you the source. Some of the mantras are WRONG too, and the explanations which I received along with them are WORSE.

So let us see them:

1. Save Smartly and Invest Wisely: No clue what it means, so not commenting.

2. Invest only in fundamentally strong companies (hey newbie what does this mean?)

3. Read carefully (tell me oh Regulator have you created a friendly language?)

4. Follow life style investing (it actually says get out of equities at 55 years)

5. Invest in IPOs (it actually says IPOs are safe in a bull market)

6. Surely invest in PSU IPOs. Do not worry about listing price, stay invested.

7. Invest in Mutual funds, but select good funds.

8. Sell with a target. Do not be greedy.

9. Deal only with Registered entities

10. Do not let greed make you an easy prey.

i found another 10 more. Equally idiotic and irrelevant. Of course it has some like ‘do not trust the media’ , do not get carried away by names of independent directors (it did not say auditors – if that gets you suspicious, well well you are smart).

I just sent the link to Debashis Basu I hope he does:

a. A rib tickling article about this or b. a spine chilling article about this.

Anyway PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THESE SUGGESTIONS TO HEART. They may be right, but useless or completely wrong and BIASED.

It is perhaps the worst Investment mantras that I have seen in my life.

No, no, no i will not tell you the source 🙂

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  1. “4. Follow life style investing (it actually says get out of equities at 55 years)” ==> Ridiculous advice for sure. If this followed, how on earth is a retired person/couple at 58 supposed to last their savings for another 20 years? Assuming they live till 78?

    Equities are very much essential even after retirement, though the percentage allocation can be trimmed, considering you also need cash flow coming in from your portfolio as you have no income.

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