Meltdown of 2008..well written article

In 2008, GE was desperately calling the US Finance secretary to say ‘we are about to default’ AiG was bailed out so that Goldman Sachs could be saved AiG was paying its traders (hold your breath 30% of Revenue) for bringing deals, mind you not a %age of profits, but gross revenue JP Morgan, Morgan […]

Risks in Unit Linked Plans

  Recently when a friend asked me what are the risks in unit linked plans…I said Well Max New York Life has started a campaign saying “Our agents are different”..well I wish they say this to the client BEFORE the client signs up: Sir the following risks exist in a Unit linked Plan: 1. Buying […]

Greg Smith’s resignation letter: Lessons from Goldman Sachs

What Greg Smith said in his resignation letter about GS is not a surprise, is it? How many of you were ‘surprised’ at the tone or the content of that letter? Not sure how this is as a career move for him, but I guess it will work. He will be snapped up by many […]

A fantastic career option!

CAVEAT: “I have a cruel sense of humor and keep writing such articles. Some readers take it seriously. THIS IS A SARCASTIC ARTICLE. DO NOT TRY IT OUT. PLEASE” This fantastic career option that I am talking about is making a career as a Forex Trader. Why before you make that move you could even […]

Can big financial companies be trusted?

‘Subra you did a post on do not trust an employee…can we trust a big branded financial company?’ asked a reader. Of course you can trust a big financial company as long as you can remember that: MF Global misplaced US $ 633 Million (or was it Billion or Trillion – when it comes to […]

Warren Buffet needs own medicine?

  Warren Buffet is a great investor, and a great CEO for Berkshire Hathaway. He regularly makes very profound investment statements regarding the investment world…and the other managers. One of the statements attributed to WB is: ‘When all you have is a hammer, the world looks like a nail‘. This is easy to interpret. Take […]