Risks in Unit Linked Plans

  Recently when a friend asked me what are the risks in unit linked plans…I said Well Max New York Life has started a campaign saying “Our agents are different”..well I wish they say this to the client BEFORE the client signs up: Sir the following risks exist in a Unit linked Plan: 1. Buying […]

Greg Smith’s resignation letter: Lessons from Goldman Sachs

What Greg Smith said in his resignation letter about GS is not a surprise, is it? How many of you were ‘surprised’ at the tone or the content of that letter? Not sure how this is as a career move for him, but I guess it will work. He will be snapped up by many […]

A fantastic career option!

CAVEAT: “I have a cruel sense of humor and keep writing such articles. Some readers take it seriously. THIS IS A SARCASTIC ARTICLE. DO NOT TRY IT OUT. PLEASE” This fantastic career option that I am talking about is making a career as a Forex Trader. Why before you make that move you could even […]

Can big financial companies be trusted?

‘Subra you did a post on do not trust an employee…can we trust a big branded financial company?’ asked a reader. Of course you can trust a big financial company as long as you can remember that: MF Global misplaced US $ 633 Million (or was it Billion or Trillion – when it comes to […]

Warren Buffet needs own medicine?

  Warren Buffet is a great investor, and a great CEO for Berkshire Hathaway. He regularly makes very profound investment statements regarding the investment world…and the other managers. One of the statements attributed to WB is: ‘When all you have is a hammer, the world looks like a nail‘. This is easy to interpret. Take […]

Indian markets are still expensive?

People keep asking me ‘Have the markets bottomed out?’ To me the answer is NO. I am not saying that you should wait for the bottom – I have my shopping list and have already bought some shares, but no we may not be at the bottom. Friday was a shopping day..and I did buy.. […]

It is a fair world out there…..and all pigs are equal….

George Orwell. Not a name that many of today’s kids are familiar with. This guy George wrote two books – both became famous. One was a satire on Russia – ‘Animal Farm’. The most famous dialogue in that book was ‘All pigs are equal. Some pigs are more equal than others’. Last week (mid Aug) […]