George Orwell. Not a name that many of today’s kids are familiar with. This guy George wrote two books – both became famous. One was a satire on Russia – ‘Animal Farm’. The most famous dialogue in that book was ‘All pigs are equal. Some pigs are more equal than others’.

Last week (mid Aug) I made a trip to Nariman Point and had the fortune of meeting a few big people. Right from an investment banker, a real big broker, a wealth manager (really creates wealth and charges the client a whopping fee, but worth every paisa!), a merchant banker, ….accidentally met a printer who prints new issue forms……etc.

When you hear the market stories and then you have to write..’It is a fair world and all investors are equal’..I was reminded of George Orwell. Also the amount of corruption that is there in the private sector – we surely need a Anna Hazare here too! Having said that can anybody speak the truth? genuinely?

I do not think so – DSK went to jail for 3 months, Mr. Sharma lost his letterhead….and will continue to face the lawsuits. Did anybody say ‘crying to the bank’. Moody’s performance has been worse and they have been misleading the Regulators.

See the way the Fed is run by Citibank, Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan….and how dare a SnP take away one alphabet from the ratings? Funnily how many people believe in Standard and Poor and Moody’s ratings?

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  1. i have to point out the biggest humbug of them all: warren buffet
    he just bought 5 billion worth of preferred shares in BoA which is rotting from within and can survive ONLY because there is going to be a Q3 or another bailout.its financial condition is hopeless.
    this guy spouts folks wisdom while being the ultimate insider.
    not to mention the 10,000 USD per plate fund raiser he is doing for Obama. when two oligarchs meet and discuss,you can rest assured the rest of the world is not going to win.

  2. @pravin
    it is ‘samay’!daly reckoning’ reported his firm earned 78% v/s gold appreciated 500% in period from 2000 to 2010.

  3. Have always felt “Animal Farm” should be recommended reading for all kids along with “To kill a mocking bird”.

  4. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan


    QE3 is sure to come.

    Do you think The Bernank will let down his bank(st)er friends?The Keynesians have no other solution than to debase currency and call it “Stimulus”.

    Time to stock up on real assets like gold whenever there is a dip in prices, despite the Keynesians and Socialists ( or is it Keynesian Socialists? )calling it a “Barbaric relic “.

  5. Mr Subra,
    I am a reader of your blog for a long time and really apreciate your views on managing money.
    But this very post of you makes me think that we should invest significant amount of money in gold too. I feel corruption and lack of transperancy in corporate world make small investors like me vulnerable in equity market.
    Btw, i am eagerly waiting to read your views on the points you raised in “why buy gold”.
    Many thanks for running this blog !! Its a rare place on Internet where there is less noise and more sensible,logical viewpoints on finance.

  6. Good point.

    By the way, the quote is – All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. If I remember correctly, in this book, pigs were the animals who were more equal than others.

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