Can big financial companies be trusted?

‘Subra you did a post on do not trust an employee…can we trust a big branded financial company?’ asked a reader. Of course you can trust a big financial company as long as you can remember that: MF Global misplaced US $ 633 Million (or was it Billion or Trillion – when it comes to […]

NPS: Now gets worse?

  NPS (New Pension Scheme) was bad – I have rubbished it enough, but as if all that was not enough, the Parlimentarians have tried to make it worse. Why should a fund management company have only 26% FDI beats me. Stumped is the word. In the 1990s we allowed 100% FDI in Mutual funds, […]

Consumer is a King!

Well we all have heard this right? If you see the amount of money Coke, Pepsi, Citibank spend on lobbying in the US, you know how much of wrong doings they must be doing. The food industry, pharma, insurance, banking, auto and of course the lobbying industry are really the villians in US. It is […]

It is a fair world out there…..and all pigs are equal….

George Orwell. Not a name that many of today’s kids are familiar with. This guy George wrote two books – both became famous. One was a satire on Russia – ‘Animal Farm’. The most famous dialogue in that book was ‘All pigs are equal. Some pigs are more equal than others’. Last week (mid Aug) […]

Many types of frauds!

What should one look for in an advisor-distributor or what the Americans call broker-dealer? Well let us look at what one should be careful if a distributor is a person whom you do not know? 1. Do some kind of a back ground check if he approaches you. 2. If he has been recommended by […]

Ayn Rand..and relevance

Once upon a time long, long ago I used to be a fan of Ayn Rand’s books! This must have been circa 1980 when I was a student and believed that there is a perfect world…and it exists in the world occupied by the White Man. It was a time when it was easy to […]

Citibank fraud case!

In the 1990s big corporates would borrow money from banks and lend it to smaller corporates. All of them played this game – Bajaj Auto, Tube Investments, Parle, Ranbaxy, etc. as lenders and smaller companies like Shaan Interwell, Indiana dairy, Sun Ceramics,….as borrowers. However the overall return that the lenders got could not have exceeded […]