Simple steps to wealth

The problem with simple steps is most people do not believe it. I remember that sometime in 1999-2000 in  class somebody asked me ‘give me some simple steps to great wealth’. I said : You mean? He said: suggest 3 shares which will make me good gains over the next 10-15 years. I said: If […]

Banks become insurance brokers!

WoW that is amazing, right? banks become brokers, so what is in it for you? Well, er, sorry, but NOTHING. Really, nothing. Ok, do you know how a shop sells cell phone connections? – 99% of the customers will not care whether they buy a Bharti Airtel, Tata, Reliance….so the shop keeper sells the ones […]

Assets, assets and liabilities….

Thanks to Rich Dad Poor Dad (then bankrupt Dad too!) many people know what are assets and what are liabilities…I am making ONE more distinction…. Assets: are those assets which increase your REAL NETWORTH (NW) Assets: that  increase your nominal NETWORTH Assets: that are essential for your living and usage Assets (liabilities!): that are not […]

Surrender a life insurance policy? It is easy!

  Here is a post from a reader….his name and location does not matter does it? Yes he is a Tamil speaking insurance policy holder….and this is his ordeal… READ ON: Shouldn’t insurance be more user-friendly? “Veettai katti paar, kalyanathai panni paar” – A popular Tamil adage that means “Try building a house and try […]

Subra…actually the fund is doing very well….

Let us look at a fictitious conversation between a ‘Super Senior Vice President – Strategy and Execution’ and an IFA: Sir my client, Subra, has invested in our company’s ULIP with the least fund management charges…but it is doing very badly…what should I do? Sir my client is not a  greedy or a crazy guy, […]

My financial planner!

  One person came to me saying ‘This is a financial plan that my planner has done, is it good?’. The plan was elaborate – cash flows for 10 years into the future, what product for each goal, rate of return assumption, – all this was there. It ran into 59 pages and could be […]

Corporate Greed: Cause of all trouble

A simple man starts a business. He then incurs costs, gives good service and makes some money. The money is enough for him to fund further growth, he expands and grows even better. Then he wants to establish himself further…BUT HE IS EXTREMELY WORRIED about his image and his business. Either he or his children […]